• Pc mode?
    Did you you read the instructions that came with the keymander it tells you
  • Frustrating.
    i can try to help
    I need this info

    A detail description of your problem
  • XB1: Sample Profile Group 1 for Xbox One
    delete microsoft contact
    If something stop me from doing something i delete easy solution
    Heres a woooosh for not taking a joke
    Of you know how to use it but did you really have to ask someone because it seems like it pretty self explanatory that Microsoft contact cant open it so then delete Microsoft contacts
  • IOS App
    cool if apple doesnt want it on AppStore unfortunately signing services and cydia impacter is the only way to distribute the app.
    This is also good if people have jailbroken phone because they can sign the app themselves.
    But they need the ipa by using extended installer or reprovision like mine.
    I hope you can release the ipa soon ill be glad to get some signing services to sign the app.
    But everytime you update the app you have to release the updated ipa for people to download.
    Good luck
  • XB1: Sample Profile Group 1 for Xbox One
    did you try going to the top left tab and click on import
    Or open the file browser
    open the keymander software
    click on the top right tab
    click import
    find the profile in the first file browser
    drag the profile to the second file browser
    click once on the file
    then click open in the bottom right of the second file browser
    Then it should load the file

    if you cant figure it out id suggest looking up how to use a file browser on youtube because it really isnt that hard to do.
  • My Keymander not working now
    i might be able to
    First just unplug all your cord from the keymander.

    Second Plug the the two usb that came with the keymander into the back of the xbox

    Third plug the other sides into the the console port and the power port in the keymander

    Fourth plug the data cable that also came with the keymander into the keymander and into the back of the console.

    You should have a blue light on your keymander

    Fifth add your controller to the keymander
    Then add your keyboard to the keymander then the mouse

    Now restart your xbox

    Go in to a game click f9 you should hear two beep

    If that doesnt work restore your keymander and try updating it again

    If that doesnt work you might need a replacement
  • IOS App
    if you can create a ipa you can send to this guy
    he owns a signing service and can publish your app for free and iphone user with headphone jacks can use them.
    Also can i have the ipa to i can sign it my self
  • keymander firmware wont upgrade
    hey i sent you a email. I wanted to talk about the iphone app that a wip
  • sensitivity tester
    like the simulation mode but instead in the keymander program
  • IOS App
    i have a solution make an unoffical app and publish it through a. Apple developer certificate it like 500$ unfortunately so you might have to put ads. Or have it signed through signing servers like ignition, tweakbox
  • Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    can we dm i made config file of a setup and i would you like you to look at it and suggest any changes it a mix of my own and your apex legends low sens profile
  • IOS App
    Iphone 8,1 or iphone 6S
  • Red Dragon K552 RED LED
    Yes im using reddragon k552 rgb same as yours
  • IOS App
    When is the ios app gonna come
  • Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    My mouse is have some jittery issue its reddragon m711 cobra fps it can be set from. 100 - 24000 dpi and 500-1000hz polling rate. I cant figure out how to get it to fix it self im going for a decent high sense on apex legends for xbox one @Moderator [Derek]


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