• What is the recommended dpi setting
    you should look up your dpi for your mouse on google then put the dpi as that mate
  • Changing sensitivity
    incase I have to reply for you to see it
  • Changing sensitivity
    Hi derek. 100% have not changed the profile and do not play on game more. The sensitivity is perfectly smooth then all of a sudden in game my sensitivity will either drop ridiculously slow or speed up really fast. If it goes slow it will feel really choppy and I will struggle to snipe someone or something because of how choppy it feels. If it goes fast it returns to feeling smooth again. Please help because it’s so frustrating!!! Tonight it sped up so it’s back to feeling smooth however I know in a couple weeks it will slow back down on its own accord and it’ll be back to feeling choppy.
  • Mouse Forward Stopped Working
    Update: Just updated the firmware, issue persists. Mouse works fine when plugged in. The problem is the keymander
  • can i use this to trick the pc for aim assist
    You’d only need an aim assist mouse you can get from amazon if you wanted to trick your pc. I believe this is a console only thing. You can use aim assist on console with this. I do, it’s helpful


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