• Keymander is Holding my Buttons Down
    Just a bus hub but the PC supply was in and the PC was on.

    The keybinding is specifically A, where I want to hold down A to confirm an action. The game is Smite, for Xbox
  • Keymander is Holding my Buttons Down
    It was all of them. What would happen is that after some playtime (a few minutes) any keyboard or mouse button press resulted in locking that button down. I think it was starting when I was pressing the key corresponding to left d-pad left. I tried mapping that function to different buttons and it still would lock after a few minutes.

    I think I ended up solving the problem. I had other controllers plugged into a usb hub (the arrangement was xbox -> hub -> razer controller, razer controller, keymander). I unplugged the other controllers from the hub and then could play for at least one game with no key locking. So that might have had something to do with it, some kind of overlap from the signals from the other controllers.

    Now I would like to figure out how to actually hold down a button as opposed to just having the system constantly pressing it.
  • Keymander is Holding my Buttons Down

    I was having this problem to and also the opposite problem where the console doesn't register a button hold. Some games require you to hold down a button to confirm some action and pressing the correct button in these situations just looks like repeatedly pressing the button to the console, the timer keeps resetting while I'm holding down confirm button for example.
  • KeyMander Wishlist

    I'd like to second the comment by @Ateam for macro scripting.

    I'd also like to be able to assign multiple keyboard buttons to the same controller button, this is useful becuase sometimes there are many different types of interfaces in games (actual play, messaging, menu systems, etc) and they have different natural ways to interface with the controller so you could imagine having say the left hand area for normal play with ability buttons mapped to the dominant fingers and number pad area for menu navigation and messaging.

    I'd also like to have an auto-walk/auto-run feature, which is basically just locking the left controller stick in a position (full forward) and toggling this on button press.

    When is the next software release?