• KeyMander Android App Available on Google Play
    hallo , i live in South Africa and it seems the App isn't available for me, I've checked in Google play and cant find it. :sad: Is it available in my country?? :chin:
  • Firmware: EOL Version [GE1337P_V1.2.117]
    thank you i really can wait, and the double mapping of the buttons?
  • Firmware: EOL Version [GE1337P_V1.2.117]
    Hallo Moderator [derek] hope you are well.
    I would like to know when is the new update going to be released witch enable connectivity via phone with and app :D and to be able to double map buttons?
    I've really been improving my profiles to the point where its almost exact to a pc with is insane it only took a little playing around to figure it all out, 10/10 from me and my friends. hoping to post a video to show my progression