• Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    I play r6s, downloaded settings from the site and just changed a bit
  • Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    I have a trust gxt 32, 3000 dpi
    Have jittery flicks or something, did the last fw upgrade, have custom settings...
    Everything is fine except the jittery thing.
    Please help me
  • Macros not working
    Hello, I want to link my square (ps4 controller) to R and to F.
    But how can I do that?! I don't know how
  • Keyboard and Mouse are not working at all
    Small question, I saw in a video that some of the keyboards don't work with the keymander, where can I find if my keyboard works with it?
    Keyboard : Corsair K55 RGB
  • Common FAQs
    If you wanna connect your headset directly to your ps4, 'directly connect the usb to your ps4'
    But you will need 2 usb ports for the keymander?
    Am I right?
  • Can I use a headset with KeyMander?
    Hi, I think i'm going to buy a keymander, I have a ps4, but I have some questions,
    Keyboard: Corsair k55 RGB
    Mouse : trust gxt 31
    Controller : dualshock 4
    Headset :kingston hyperx cloud II
    I want to know how to get sound on headset, i don't have a second controller.
    Should I expand my usb hub with a 1 to 4 usb? Does the keymander still work then?
    I want to play with headset but you need 2 usb hubs to power the keymander?
    I really want to know the fix and then I'll buy a keymander!


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