• Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    How do I change the actual mouse's dpi, also I have a rival 110 do you have any recommendations on profiles or sensitivity, I have an around 10-inch lateral and 8-inch vertical mouse mat and I usually play with my wrist, not my entire arm. I experience lots of jitteriness when I am playing I tried playing with the settings beforehand. also, I find it more of a chore than a skill to hold an around 5-pixel angle in Rainbow Six Siege because I have to move the mouse around a lot before I can hit the sweet spot for the angle. but I am not that good with programming so if you have any tips or set profiles that could help me it would be very much appreciated.
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile
    why when I move my mouse the reticle moves more than I want it to. and also can I make the mouse movement more smooth when I move it?
  • What is a Macro?
    is it possible to make an auto click macro


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