• ADS [fine aiming] imprecise/jerky on Fortnite?
    - Keyboard: Kaliber wireless keyboard that came with the Keymander combo.
    - Mouse: I have the Kaliber wireless mouse that came with the combo, but it only has 2000DPI, so I'm not using it any more. I'm using another mouse that has more DPI, up to 3600.
    - Yes, I am using your guys's Fortnite sample profile.

    Software settings:
    - Fortnite game settings: maximum X & Y sensitivity.
    - Keymander settings - Aim Look Mode: X & Y sensitivities are both 66. In game acceleration: 30. Diagonal acceleration: 90%. ADS Mode: same as Aim Look mode.
    - I initially had separate ADS mode sensitivities, but when building stairs using right click, it would activate the ADS sensitivity, making building really slow. So I saw the suggestion on here to check the box "same as Aim look mode" for ADS and to adjust ADS sensitivity in the Fortnite game itself (currently set to 0.60 in the game). ADS launch button: LT.
    - ADS delay time: remains at default of 120 milliseconds.
    - I have not changed any of the deadzone settings or curve settings. I have left them the same as they are in your guys's Fortnite sample profile.
    - I have tried different displays, moving from a 55 inch display down to a 28 inch display, but the issue persists.

    I am getting incredibly frustrated and am now thinking about returning the Keymander. I really want it to work, but it just won't. Most negative reviews about it say that it is difficult and confusing to set up. I disagree with that. I took a chance, bought the product, and found the instructions to be straightforward and the software to be intuitive. I've had no issues setting it up. It has been great from that aspect.

    However, its USABILITY is very limited since literally CANNOT AIM with it! A mouse is used for fine and precision aiming - I am NOT able to do this with the Keymander. I have spent all week adjusting and playing around with the sensitivity settings. Again, looking around in the game is fine and there are no issues. However, when using ADS to precisely aim at a target, any fine mouse movement results in crosshair movement that is jerky/choppy, moving several pixels past where I want it to be ("pixel jumping"), meaning that I CANNOT hit the target.

    Please help me solve this issue. I am willing to put in more time and effort in order to make this thing "usable". However, if there is no solution, I will be returning it and looking towards the XIM. Thanks.
  • ADS [fine aiming] imprecise/jerky on Fortnite?
    I thought changing sensitivity settings in Fortnite with a Keymander was a big no no? Aren't we supposed to have maximum X, Y, scope, and ADS sensitivities in Fortnite, and then adjust the sensitivities to our liking in the Keymander software?
  • 2000 dpi mouse not high enough for precision?

    Hey! I'm pretty much having the same exact issue you're having, except on Fortnite. I made a thread about it a couple days ago, "ADS crappy on Fortnite". I really didn't like aiming with a controller, so I bought the keymander in order to have more precision and accuracy. However, with the way mine is set up right now, I'm better off using a controller. I also bought the kb&m combo, so I'm using the Kaliber mouse as well, set on 1000DPI. I'm on Xbox One and using a 55 inch TV, not 4K though.

    I've turned all the sensitivities up to 100% in game and have been adjusting the numbers in the keymander software, just like their instructions say to do. Walking and looking around in the game is fine, and using shotguns without ADS is fine as well, it will just take more practice - but mid and long range combat with ADS is horrendous. I can't seem to get the crosshairs on the opponent. Either it moves to fast or it moves too slow. And I agree, it's almost like it "pixel jumps" across the target. It's like holding a bar of soap, it's slippery and imprecise. Not at all what I was expecting.

    I've tried messing with the settings, but haven't found a good fit yet. What exactly do "ADS delay time", "in-game acceleration" and "diagonal acceleration" do? I haven't messed with any of the "deadzone" settings, just left them the same as the Fortnite profile that I downloaded from here. I've also left the curve setting on the default linear line.

    I looked up what DPI settings the pros use, and most of them use like 800 or less. Higher DPI means the mouse is more sensitive to movement, right? So should we set it lower if we want to be precise with fine mouse movements?

    What's your GT? Maybe we can problem solve this together.


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