• Halo Master Chief Collection
    How are the profiles going ? Halo master chief collection is an awesome game and cant wait for the profiles xD :D.
  • More Profiles !
    I have my gaming pc next to my console like they have it on their tutorial videos, so for me that really isn't an obstacle, I just don't like how we can only have 8 profiles but a lot of groups. You know I would of thought that maybe we could switch between groups with a hot key or something, but that option isn't an option.
  • Mouse Polling Rate
    I have one with multiple settings, and yeah i'll try them out :D
  • Turn assist
    yeah, thanks.
  • Two keys on keyboard associated with one button on keyboard Option.
    Nice! :D, it be awesome to have that ability in the software :D.
  • Halo Master Chief Collection
    Thanks! :D. Can't wait :D
  • Disconection Issue
    yeah, I got a new wire and it works fine now. thanks for the help.
  • Good or Bann ??
    Thanks. That's sounds funny. I do have a Microsoft employee watching me.. lol jk.
  • Gaming Videos
    Also what are you and your team if you have one, what are you guys working on at the moment ? Profiles etc.. And if profiles what games ? or are you guys updating profiles ? and what mouse do you guys use for this testing ? Is it really better to have a mouse with really high dpi ?
  • Gaming Videos
    yall spend allot of time on the Keymander, that's cool. So what kind of bugs does the Keymander have if any ? Are there any updates that will make it work even better ? like mouse movement, more precise etc..
  • Can I use the Keymander on PC games?
    Maybe just connect the Controller to the computer and download software that allows you to use the controller on pc even though a lot of games let you do that already xD.
  • Themes
    What kind of cable will we need to get for it to work with the Keymander ? Just want to be ready.
  • Themes
    Yeah it's better for focus on the those things for the moment. Do you guys have a release date for the mobile app yet ? Also when is the update coming ?
  • Keymander Gen 1 & Gen 2
    Yeah can't wait sounds cool :D.
  • Profiles and Groups
    xD Thanks man. This forum is great.
  • Questions.
    Talking about themes it would cool to have themes for the keymander software. And yeah that makes sense thanks for the info :D.
  • Updating Profiles
    The software is still good though
  • Updating Profiles
    I don't think it is necessary to take it off. I think it is a good idea to let people know that if you upload a group to the keyamder it will replace to the current tab with what you uploaded. I think that would help people out :D. But it's still a good thing to have a current tab to know what is uploaded at the moment to the keymander. You guys are great it's still good :D just needs more info :D.