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    or is there anyway i can just unbind all of them at once
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    Hey , I have a key mandar and a mouse and i accidentally bonded a key i didn’t want to put into the mouse . Do you know how i can unbind a key on the keymander ? for example if i made A (the jump button) something i didn’t want on my mouse how would i take it off. I have xbox one by the way
  • Controller and keyboard on but not working? help!
    Ok , so I’m reading all the comments and I’m having the same issue , my mouse and keyboard is plugged in and so is my controller but for some reason my controller will only buzz and then stay off . Once I turn it on myself I can only play on the controller , the mouse not the keyboard would work on the Xbox . Yes , before I ask I checked to see if I had a charge and sync cable (I do) ... When I tried unplugging my cord from the keymander it broke the inside of the part where it said game . Now I don’t know what to do . Please help