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    Hello, I have many questions reguarding fortnite for keymander on xbox one. I have one cord set up into the ‘game’ slot and put into a usb slot on the xbox one. I also have a cord in the ‘power’ slot on the keymander that runs right into an apple box into the wall. I have the original controller i had got with the system when i bougjt it plugged into the ‘controller’ slot with the right cord also. I have a Razer Abyssus V2 mouse and a Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard. I have everything right in the set up part im pretty sure, i just dont understand the controls for the keyboard for building, switching weapons, and how to set up the correct keyboard layout for the game. If i could be walked through on how to just set it up properly it would be much help. Thank you
  • Fortnite BR
    I would like to know the controls with fortnite. i do not even know the keys for building, and i have trouble with the sensitivity it is too low. I have a razer abyssus v2 and razer deathadder chroma keyboard or something like that. I dont know how to set up the keymander for fortnite at all. So if i could be walked through it it would be wonderful

Caleb Banzhof

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