• KeyMander Wishlist

    Is there a way to play fortnite mobile with the keyboard and mouse or even just controller through the keymander? Because I don’t have internet in my house for a while and still am tempted to play and mobile is only way... need help ASAP please
  • Mouse stopped working randomly
    Yeah I did that, the mouse works fine
  • Mouse stopped working randomly
    No sadly I only have this one mouse but it won’t be a problem getting another I just don’t wanna get a new mouse then find out it’s the keymander with the problem and have to spend more on a new one
  • Mouse stopped working randomly
    I’m using a wireless Logitech m510 I was thinking of buying a new mouse just wasn’t sure if that was the right call
  • Mouse not working while in Play Mode?
    I have sort of the same issue but instead I have my keyboard and mouse connected into the keymander and just the mouse won’t work if I tilt the mouse’s usb it works. I don’t know if I accidentally changed a settings or something but it was working fine when I first got it.