• Firmware: EOL Version [GE1337P_V1.2.117]
    What did the new firmware version do?
  • Themes
    Good to know! Thank you for the knowledge
  • Themes
    i was referring to a higher DPI range in the keymander settings. My mouse has a DPI higher than 10,000.
  • Themes
    I just read this thread and am very excited!

    I'm sorry for posting this here and not in 3 separate threads:

    1: The intermittent mouse input lag we discussed before is back with a vengeance when using play mode. You said you were getting a Corsair m65 RGB Pro to test, any new ideas?

    2: Any word on "sniper button" support in the software?

    3: Higher DPI?? I need more sweet smoothness please :)

    Thank you for being so active in your community responses!
  • KEYMANDER HELP .... Was Working Now Its Not ... Cannot Use Wireless Controllers Via p23 on ps4???
    What controller are you are you actually using? You can click "Change Gamepad" on the bottom right after clicking on a profile to choose a different controller if this is your issue.

    If you only want to flip the mouse buttons:

    Select your profile, then click button mapping and click on the bottom you wish to change. Select mouse, then the appropriate mouse button you want to use for each controller button :)
  • How do I map the button on the side of the mouse to the fire button on the controller?
    Will there be any update to support "sniper buttons" on mice. I have the m65 pro the from corsair and it does not store key remaps on the mouse. I have been having intermittent input lag issues when running the mouse through my pc using play mode in order to let the corsair mouse software handle the button remapping.
  • Firmware: EOL Version [GE1337P_V1.2.117]
    Please disregard my other comment asking concerning my unit shipping with a newer version than what's listed on the website, sorry!
  • More Profiles !
    You can use multiple profile groups and switch between them on the fly if you have your PC hooked up. It's not ideal but hope this helps!
  • Updating Profiles
    Thank you for taking this in consideration! I had a whole day where I was tweaking profiles in my "Current" tab the hitting play mode. It gives a prompt to save the current profile and I hit ok, but it doesn't save it to the profile file.

    So if you restart the keymander, and click the profile group to play, and hit play mode, it uploads the unmodified file to the keymander and all that progress gets lost.
  • KeyMander Firmware
    Is there a newer firmware than what's listed on the site? My keymander shipped with a newer software but I forced the update that was listed on your site.
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile
    it's the same as the above with the sensitivity tailored to my liking more. It will vary depending on what mouse dpi you use. The most important thing is setting everything up correctly
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile
    Hey Grimm I play on xbox and play siege alot my gt is chparmley, if you invite to a party I'll help you out. Mine is pretty perfect
  • Understanding KeyMander Mouse Settings

    The mouse lag is only in play mode, with the keymander connected to my pc, mouse connected to my pc, amd play mode enabled.

    Last night in an attempt to save button remaps to my mouse memory, I installed the mouse software from logitech for the g502. It didn't work but now the mouse input lag is almost non existent. Now when I enable play mode the lag will be there for maybe 2 seconds then fade to maybe a few hundred milliseconds. Playable but not instant like plugging the mouse directly into the Keymander. At this point im assuming that it's sort of driver capability issue with the Keymanders software program.

    In a bit I'll move to my pc that does not have the logitech G502 software installed and check for the input lag. If present I will then install the logitech software and re-test to check for improvement.
  • Understanding KeyMander Mouse Settings

    I'm sorry it appears my reply didn't get submitted!

    I installed the logitech g502 software and the mouse latency seems to be gone! It was in play and simulation mode. I'll install the logitech software on the other pc and see if it fixes the issue there as well .
  • Understanding KeyMander Mouse Settings

    I got the macros to work, just requires a reset of the Keymander after being left on and unused for a few hours.

    The mouse delay occurred on Windows 7 & 10. I tried uninstalling CUE on both and letting windows have full control over the mouse. The delay still occurred under all attempts.
  • Understanding KeyMander Mouse Settings

    Sorry I'm on mobile and just figured out how to reply... whoops...

    I tried play mode on a second pc. It still has the input lag but not with other mice. The cursed movements are in real time when I do anything on the laptop but as soon as I enter play mode, the input lag begins. Mouse click events are fine, only the movement. I believe it has to be in how the Keymander software specifically handles the m65 pro rgb
  • Understanding KeyMander Mouse Settings
    The pro rgb, it's a lovely mouse. The macros are being wonky again.. Macro mode is having an issue where it will beep once but not engage until I unplug the Keymander power source then plug it back in.

    Also is there a way to simulate a button being held down using the macros?
  • What is a Macro?
    It is an older pc.. hp mini 110 lol but its perfect to set up next to my monitor and have dedicated to the keymander because of its small size!
  • What is a Macro?
    Yes but I cannot save button mappings to the on board memory of the mouse. I theory I can use the mouse plugged in to my laptop and use "play" mode that was the corsair software can handle the remapping in the backroundbut the mouse movement has a 3 second input lag when ran through play mode.
  • Understanding KeyMander Mouse Settings
    Ssshhhhh I knew someone was going to mention the g502 at somepoint :/ I love this mouse and I'm going to make it work. Got it for $35 at best buy (it's still on sale until Saturday I think, they accidentally put it on sale). I don't have the budget for the g502 sadly but it seems perfect.