• Macros Wont Work
    nothing works before i try anything let me tell you that i have tried simple one and complex ones but nothing works i cant stand how i hope for this to be easy but so far nothing has worked the way that it says on your youtube videos. I have even reinstalled the programs to my computer and nothing works I dont know how this is going to ever work with this macro crap of software that never works I am just so frustrated by the how the firmware doesnt work I know other people are for sure having this problem but dont want to talk about it and I feel like all you ever do is ask let make sure you start by pressing F11 like cut to the chase and help me solve this damn issue.
  • Macros Not Working
    my macros wont work i have tried so many things it is very dumb please can someone help
  • XBOX 1 Destiny 2 Settings ?
    ok i will try it