• Keymander Keeps Disconnecting my Controller
    I also have issues with connection with my xbox one controller. I've only had the keymander for about a month now. I constantly have to reconnect the power cable or reset the keymander. I have just updated the firmware and now it'll work for 5 secs then it won't work anymore. I am currently using Logitech G213 keyboard and Logitech G502 mouse. The cable for the controller is brand new. The connections on the other cables seem to be working fine. What can I do that I haven't already done to fix the issues myself? I've tried multiple combinations as to connecting, reconnecting, and resetting the keymander and the console. It's not hooked up to the pc when I use it after the profiles have been saved onto the keymander. I constantly get an error message stating that my controller is not connected. I don't know what to do...


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