• Mouse Problem
    Can you link me to the update? I'm currently on Firmware version 1.3.122 but my Software Version is on 1.2.116. Do i need to have both updated to the same version?
  • Will the Razer Tartarus V2 work?
    I've been using it for the last few days and it works fine. The only problem i have is that whenever i press Button 11 (Or Caps Lock) it slows me down in game. I've had this problem before I used the Tartarus but now I need to use the button more often since there's less buttons on it than a keyboard. Is there a way I can stop this from happening?
  • Mouse Problems
    After updating and unplugging my Keymander and reconnecting, it seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the help. (The Problem i had was every time i turned around in a game, it would stop halfway and wouldn't respond to my actions as fast as before when i was on Xbox One)
  • Mouse Problems
    Now I've updated both software and firmware but the mouse is still being glitchy. What should i do now?
  • Mouse Problems
    I've tried updating it but it just stays on the loading screen with the power button flashing on the Keymander. I've waited about 1 hour for it to update but nothing happens. I don't know how long it usually takes to update so i'll be trying to update all night. I've been using the Razer Atheris if there's a problem with that type of mouse.