• [Fortnite BR | Xbox One] Macros Mode Is Not Working Properly (Profile Included)
    With the issue of fortnite’s cycle builing on console it creates an issue as stated, ”The only down side is that you must be selected on your weapons to go directly to a build, if you are already building the Macros must be pressed twice to exit building and then go back directly to the piece needed.

    To resolve this could a macro include the option to switch to the pickaxe so the player could switch from building option without having to press keys twice.

    EX: stair (xbox) Y>B>RB>RB
    : roof (xbox) Y>B>RB>RB>RB

    I was wondering if this would allow players to switch from say a wall to a stair with only having to click the wall key once and the stair key once.

    Lastly If this solution was to work I wondered if it would create a delay because the player takes out the pickaxe then starts to build the structure