• Added Timer Macro
    GOW4 ( really all of the Gears series)
    When you hit the RB for the reload it starts the slider moving and you have to hit the RB a second time at a certain time to achieve an active reload. This is what I am trying to accomplish.
    The timing is different for different weapons.

    On a different note: I could not get the macros to work last night at all.
    I hit F11 and I received a single tone.
    Entered the macro as shown on the video and saved.
    Tried in Simulation and uploaded and still could not get it to work.
    I am missing something............
  • Added Timer Macro
    I can only add 1000 between buttons.
    I need at least 4-5 seconds from the first button push to the second.
  • Added Timer Macro
    thank you
  • Added Timer Macro
    The number in the circle is seconds?
    Thank you for your response.