• Fortnite Macro Settings

    SO I think I found a breakthrough on Macro for weapons.
    Macro button number "1" - Y>B>Y>RB(X1)
    Macro button number "2" - Y>B>Y>RB>RB(X1)
    Macro button number "3" - Y>B>Y>RB>RB>RB(X1)
    Macro button number "4" - Y>B>Y>RB>RB>RB>RB(X1)
    Macro button number "5" - Y>B>Y>RB>RB>RB>RB>RB(X1)

    When inputting the macro they scroll through so if you have an open slot they will run over it so just know how many slots you want to hit by pushing 1,2,3,4,5.

    The Y>B>Y sequence will reset the weapon to the first slot.

    Also when Macros are cycling if you click they will be pressed to build during the sequence.

    I hope this is a little help cause it helps me a lot in game just being patient when the cycling is being done helps. I feel like I can edit when the buttons are pushed but I haven't messed with those yet.



William Homalon

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