• Razer DeathAdder Elite Questions
    So if I have this correctly your trying to set buttons to your mouse using the DeathAdders software, but those aren't registering with the keymander. So I don't think they are compatible with the keymander but to my understanding the mouse works, yes? So why not just ignore the color and find a good setting with the keymander?
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite Questions
    Here are some questions that would help others and me
    What console are you on
    are you connected to any other power sources
    what MAX DPI do you have set on the keymander software(if messed with at all)
  • Corsair mouse cannot fire quickly in MW or R6
    Do you have any macros set? if so what do they do and what buttons are they functioned too. Have you tried a different profile to see if its just to that profile?
  • Have you guys been happy with your purchase?
    I find the keymander amazing if you can get the setting right for it, and don't worry if there's anything you don't understand about the setting or anything keymander related feel free to ask in a post on this forum, the moderators here do a good job at explaining and how to fix your problem. I am defiantly happy with my purchase, and would definitely recommend the keymander to anybody.
  • More like a pc type of feeling?
    what have you changed so far?
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration
    Also for most weighted mouses you can costumes the amount of weight you want in it.
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration
    Sometimes it just takes a while to get uses to weighted mouses, but in the long run weighted mouses are almost always better for gaming.
  • Apex legenda
    I would wait for Derek for an accurate step by step but this is the best I can do:
    The main point the in-game sensitivity is for smoothness so always keep that high when you can, and to change your sensitivity (if your not wanting to switch back and forth, between computer and Console) I would recommend using direct mapping.
    To use Direct Mapping:
    1. Connect your controller using your USB cable to the Gamepad port on the KeyMander.
    2. Press Share + Options buttons at the same time. You will hear 1 beep from KeyMander and the Setting LED will flash slowly.
    3. Use the D-pad to change sensitivity
    a.Up D-Pad to Increase sens.
    b.Down D-Pad to Decrease sens.
    c.Left D-Pad to Increase ADS sens.
    d.Right D-pad to Decrease ADS sens.
    Just mess around with that until you feel its right.

    And is just the mouse sensitivity that seems low or is there anything else?
  • Apex legenda
    You might have to change your deadline or your Max DPI if its not accurate, I am a big player of apex legends (On xbox) and after I changed my Max DPI and found the right deadzone my aim is always good.
    But because my PC and my Xbox aren't on the same monitor, I just used the direct mapping mode to adjust it.
  • Gamdias Ares GKC-100
    Are you on xbox or playstation

    I am not a moderator so my information may not be correct, but some keyboards don't work but some mice do vise versa, but if that is the case without a doubt the keymander engineers will add this keyboard once they find the time.
  • Headset beepin noise
    The power cord doesn't have to be plugged into the xbox it can also be plugged into a wall socket if you have a usb block (you can use the one for your phone as long as the usb can be inserted. But the other cord (the one plugged into game) does have to plugged into the xbox, but use the back USB ports not the one on the sides(if you use the sides ones it might cause other issues).
  • Press and hold in macro
    ok it could also be useful for a game like Apex where to switch grenades/health you have to hold down a button.
  • Apex legends choppy xbox
    No, I'm using the one from a year ago, not sure if it's the most recent, its on all the guns I use.
  • Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    Out of curiosity could you make it so you press a button then it types a word with a macro?
    Like I press 'm' and it types 'Flipcoin'
  • Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    On amazon the white keyboard is much cheaper, does it take away some features? Also on the amazon desc. It doesn't say anything about the macros, does the white version of the keyboard still have the macro features?
    Also if you can tell me when's the next discount for this keyboard?
  • Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    Good to know I will probably buy the keyboard with brown switches and keep the Korona mouse.
  • Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    So for the red switches is it like a joystick? like you lightly press the key and you don't move that much? and the brown stick is basically like any typing keyboard you have.
    Also I Have the Korana RGB mouse and it works great it feels great its a good mouse but does it pair good with the HVER pro keyboard? or would you recommend the Kaliber Gaming™ RETIKAL Pro FPS Gaming Mouse for gaming?
  • sensitivity tester
    The problem is that not everybody has there computer and monitor and xbox connected the the same set-up. I use a totally different monitor so I can't test the sensitivity when I'm on the keymander program. so I have to guess kinda what sensitivity I want then go back a forth like 10 times to get it right, which after a bit it gets kinda annoying. So a program inside of the keymander set-up program that allows you to test out the sensitivity
  • Keyboard and Mouse don't work every day when I turn on my xbox.
    I have a dog that likes to sniff around and lay on cables so he knocked the controller down while it was plugged in it ended up bending the micro usb cable so now it goes in but doesn't snap in, so causing little movement to end up moving the usb and disconnecting the sound. Make sure your Micro usb things arn't broken (see picture)
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