• Keymander not working - Xbox One
    Thanks bro...i live in Italy is that a Problem?
  • Keymander not working - Xbox One
    Bro i got 2 keymander, i know the machine. My Problem is easy, there is no power when i connect keymander in xbox even in pc. Is likes nothing is connected. Like something in Motherboard is burn i dont know
  • Keymander not working - Xbox One
    Bro...I try everithing...can you send a foto or a possible cable disconnected
  • Keymander not working - Xbox One
    Keymander not work,with USB there is no power light on. No power even on PC with 2 USB port
  • Keymander not working - Xbox One
    I guys...i buy keymander 4 Years ago buy now ,when i connect Key ti USB no Blue light,nothing dead. Help
  • Two keys on keyboard associated with one button on keyboard Option.
    Yes i use on blackout same button take look and healing, because loot IS 1 push and heal IS hold a button work very well
  • Key/Button Recorder
    Ok thanks, maybe you right because when use it on PC IS work. Bye
  • Key/Button Recorder
    Yes, in simulation ok (like keyboard input) but stand alone not work... If you can put keyboard comand on mouse without simulation KeyMander will be the Best simulator of the world(for me IS the Best now too).
  • Key/Button Recorder
    Scrol down on B6 of steel and centrale to b7, yes he got memory0o1s4x481vr9mqy6.jpg
    This screen IS not mine but IS for example to understand what i say.
  • KeyMander Android App Available on Google Play
    Hi, when i use androide app of i change 1 Profile for ex f1 and save, app delete all the other Profile and overwtite f1 to all off the other... I don't use anymore the app all the time makes me this bug
  • Key/Button Recorder
    Hi, i bought a steelseries rival 650 .
    I always play with Logitech g402.
    Engine software of rival is possibile set the comand "scrolldown/up" on a fisical button,
    But when i set the in game keymander not work, same thing on command "mouse central" simulation mode no problem.
    Thk bye
  • XB1: How to use the PS3 Nav Controller with Xbox One and KeyMander
    Hi, I buy today a nav controller because for me the keyboard IS an enemy...
    I do everithing wrote in the description but no way... I spend i lot of time but i fund Solution, in Your guide there IS an error: after rum the program, you choose you F profile click on simulation or play mode IS The same (i prefeer simulation IS too easy change on the fly), disconnect controller from keymander and put nav in controller Port. Now IS ok.
    I use regular controller Like co_pilot on xbox to use Headset or move in menĂ¹.
  • Firmware problems
    I think with my last experience the first to do is the cable...untill begin to rage or something (like me) hold a sec change cable e retry...for me 40% of the problem is the non conform cable. Are y italian marco?
    Thk for help everytime
  • Firmware problems
    Marco, I solved...because run 1h hour yes one no... i do evething well but i don't think about the easier thing to do...usb cable non run very well i try a new one and all gona be all right thank for response
  • Firmware problems
    same problem... mouse e keyboard not run, if I pres F2 to change profile i ear "beep" but not run in game and mice too . i try simulation mode anithing.
    it still happend from nothin,i got keymander about 2 year never have a serious priblem, evething begin when i use the app...please help i try everithin restore reset every thing i reapeat i got your key about 2 years i know everything abot that.
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)
    key run well with max dpi of your a rapport about keymander and mouse prescind tipe of mouse has you got?did i get it right?
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)
    My max is 4000... is better use aniway 4000 booth (keym e mouse)or choose other dpi voluntarily? Keymander run better with a lot o dpi or is not important?
  • Android App Beta Group
    Hi, I find app on google store, he run well BUT...if yuo mod a profile all the profile inside take the same change, i delete 5 game, i don't know. Other thing when you go inside a profile and select sensibility there in no screen you must click on macro and back to sensitivity to modified sense, and is to cool have a possibility to use simulation mode on app. Bye
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)
    XB1 Overwatch.profile (130K)Moderator [Derek]

    Hi, reply again
    Mouse dpi? I have logitech g 402hf and g602 wireless
  • Programmable button on mouse
    I see the same...thk if i need i play with the software...thk for quickly response and for keymander is the best thing i use on console.