• Firmware problems
    I think with my last experience the first to do is the cable...untill begin to rage or something (like me) hold a sec change cable e retry...for me 40% of the problem is the non conform cable. Are y italian marco?
    Thk for help everytime
  • Firmware problems
    Marco, I solved...because run 1h hour yes one no... i do evething well but i don't think about the easier thing to do...usb cable non run very well i try a new one and all gona be all right thank for response
  • Firmware problems
    same problem... mouse e keyboard not run, if I pres F2 to change profile i ear "beep" but not run in game and mice too . i try simulation mode anithing.
    it still happend from nothin,i got keymander about 2 year never have a serious priblem, evething begin when i use the app...please help i try everithin restore reset every thing i reapeat i got your key about 2 years i know everything abot that.
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)
    key run well with max dpi of your a rapport about keymander and mouse prescind tipe of mouse has you got?did i get it right?
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)
    My max is 4000... is better use aniway 4000 booth (keym e mouse)or choose other dpi voluntarily? Keymander run better with a lot o dpi or is not important?
  • Android App Beta Group
    Hi, I find app on google store, he run well BUT...if yuo mod a profile all the profile inside take the same change, i delete 5 game, i don't know. Other thing when you go inside a profile and select sensibility there in no screen you must click on macro and back to sensitivity to modified sense, and is to cool have a possibility to use simulation mode on app. Bye
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)
    XB1 Overwatch.profile (130K)Moderator [Derek]

    Hi, reply again
    Mouse dpi? I have logitech g 402hf and g602 wireless
  • Programmable button on mouse
    I see the same...thk if i need i play with the software...thk for quickly response and for keymander is the best thing i use on console.
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)
    Hi, I try this setup for overwatch but i find it too much sensibile... I think is very very difficult to play in this way.