• PUBG Profile
    This is the best PUBG profile on this site. Thank you my dude. Has greatly improved my experience.

    Edit: Bro I can't give you enough praise. Couldn't get into the top 30 with the other profiles and today with yours I've placed 2nd, 3rd, and 5th with 3,7,and 9 kills. TYSM
  • PUBG Sample Profile Xbox One
    my Max DPI is 5000 and that's what i have it set to in the software and the mouse settings. When I set my sensitivity low I get very precise movements that align well with the inevitable input lag. But doing that I can't turn, I have to move my mouse multiple times to do a 180. When I raise my sensitivity my movements become choppier. There's no balance. Its like a teeter totter. Could this just simple be I need a mouse with a higher DPI? This is all on PUBG and idk if you have played it yet but it's movements aren't, normal to say the least.
  • PUBG Sample Profile Xbox One
    I'm assuming you have the same set up I have from Amazon. If you find a good setting for that freaking mouse let me know because I couldn't get my movements not to be choppy
  • My Keymander not working now
    Okay so turns out my XBOX was being an ******* so I turned it off and unplugged it and when I plug in the controller it comes on and everything works
  • My Keymander not working now
    Does your controller vibrate and turn on by itself when you plug it into the keymander? If it just vibrates but doesn't automatically come on then the cable you're using is only a charging cable. You need your cable to be a charge and SYNC cable.
  • My Keymander not working now
    Resolved the issue I should've updated my post. I had to turn off my xbox and unplug it. There was some sort of controller syncing issue on my xbox X's part.
  • PUBG Sample Profile Xbox One
    i have the same issue where my mouse movements are choppy. It's pretty bad when trying to pinpoint someone far away. And I have the iogear mouse gme660 and my Dpi is set to max on both softwares
  • Controller will not connect with Keymander [XB1]
    From what ive read if you plug your xbox controller into the keymander and it just blinks then that cable you're using is just a charging cable and not a charge and sync cable.

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