• Hell let loose ps5
    Please post it in the K2 forum
  • Is Keymander 1 compatible with PS5?
    You should be better off with the Keymander 2 because you will have limitations on the Keymander1
  • Need help badly
    Which Keymander do you have ?
  • Fortnite Macro
    You might be putting RT for two different actions please double check.
    Macro commands allow multiple actions with a single keystroke or mouse click. For example you can set: “UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, O” to execute just by pressing the Y key. To create a macro open the K2 App to the Macro tab and press the “+ Create Macros” button to bring up the recording window. Enter the steps exactly as you would execute the commands in the game, with the same timing sequence and then press the Stop Recording button at the bottom when done. You can delete and rerecord a macro as many times as needed to get the sequence correct. Once the Macro is saved you can label it to help remember its function.

    Make sure to press F11 to enable Macro Mode!
  • More like a pc type of feeling?
    Please start with the profile listed and make some changes that is your starting point but you will have some differences and it will not be exact.
  • Any good sensitivity settings for r6?
    Please start with the profile that is posted on the forum.
  • keymander not working on rainbow six siege
    Please put the profile in a new tab and try again if your using your own profile try to use the one we have posted?
  • Keymander not working I need help!

    3. Controller: OEM or aftermarket (aftermarket not supported)
    a. PS4: Is it a V2 controller that has the little LED bar above the touchpad
    b. XB1: Is it a standard controller or Elite Controller? If Elite is it V1 or V2 (V1 doesn’t support mic right now, V2 not supported at all)
    4. Phone/tablet model:
    5. Phone/tablet OS version:
    6. Keyboard model:
    7. Mouse model:

    These are the basic points of failure for a K2 unit:
    1. Does your phone connect to the K2 unit?
    • Is the phone GPS on?
    • Is the phone Bluetooth on?
    • Did you accept the app permissions?
    • Does the phone support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?
    • Did you try pairing the device like a normal BT accessory before reading the instructions? If so, you need to forget the device pairing and pair only through the K2 App instructions.
    2. Is the firmware updated?
    3. Did you do a reset after the firmware was updated?
    • Press both buttons for about 8 seconds, let go and wait for white rotating light to stop.
    • If a profile was already synced you will need to resync the profile again.
    4. Is the proper profile type loaded for their console type (i.e. Xbox One profile for Xbox One console)? Xbox One controller will not turn on with PS4 profile loaded.
    5. Is the controller connected to the K2 unit with the micro USB cable supplied in the K2 box?
    • If you use your own cable this is a point of failure as it may not be a charge and sync cable.
    6. Is the controller fully charged (PS4 only)?
    • If not, the KeyMander will not connect and connecting an older controller that is not fully charged could cause low power situation for K2.
    7. Is the controller firmware updated (XB1 only)?
    • Connect the controller directly to the console with a micro USB cable and update in the system menu.
    8. Is the communication set to USB?
    • PS4 needs the setting changed in the PS4 system menu
    • XB1 may need the procedure performed to force USB connection.
    9. Is the external Power port connected to a 1Amp or greater power supply? Especially required if:
    • Running a RGB mouse and keyboard will likely need external power
    • Using a PS4 with an older controller (older internal batteries may have higher charge resistance and cause power failure for K2)
    • Using an Xbox One without batteries in the controller.
  • Keymander keyboard question
    Please try to flash the firmware and try again maybe it fixes it.
  • Cant connect keyboard
    How are you power on the K2? and what kind of keyboard are you usin?
  • Keymander 2 Not Working on Xbox 360
    The KeyMander 2 does not support the Xbox 360 with anything except the factory wired controllers.
  • model ge1337p
    Did you flash the firmware?
  • How to make a certain macro?
    What kind of profile and for what console and game?
  • Keymander not working I need help!
    This issue is always related to the amount of power the mouse is pulling please try it with a basic mouse and see if that behaves the same way.
  • Fortnite Keymander settings
    Please start by using the profiles on this forum if should be your starting point it is the best one we have.
  • Best premade profile unless someone has good settings?
    Please try using the the COD BO4 below if this does not feel good make the changes from there but this should be your starting point.
  • cannot go to simulate or game mode
    Please flash the firmware and change the profile your using to a different Group in the Keymander software.
  • Press and hold in macro
    Did you use the profile we have listed? Did you install the new firmware?
  • model ge1337p
    Flash the firmware and put your profile on a different group see it that helps.
  • Random movements?
    Please flash the firmware and select a different profile and it may be better.