• Prowler's Apex Legends Profile
    ensure your dpi in the keymander software is set the exact same as your mouse. If you have already done that tey downloading my profile and just make a new ps4 profile and place all my values into the slots on the ps4 profile from the xbox one. Im not sure if something got lost tranferring the profile from xbx to ps. If that does not work download the ps4 same profile that the keymander team has made. Their profiles are always very solid go to's.
  • Joystick help
    did you ensure that you clicked save and update to your keymander and are usinf the correct profile?
  • Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    Definitely use it at 10000. That extra 6,000 is doing you no favors in consistency. I have a mouse that goes up to 12,000 and I use it at 4,000 on sone games and 5,000 on others. Experiment with different dpi settings and find one that works for you and your equipment.
  • keymander issue
    Are you playing in simulation mode?
  • KEYMANDER In 2020
    Sorry to hear that you are finding it hard to find a setup video/tutorials. As for Mac Support I cannot speak too, but I will link you the same video that still applies to this day of how to setup and use the keymander.



    Jittery / Choppy Mouse:

    I hope this video and tutorials can change your opinion.
  • why does my turn rate feel so slow after a few days of using a new dpi
    download a profile from the forums and use that first, then make changes if it does not feel right. If you need any individual help send me a messsage on here.
  • why does my turn rate feel so slow after a few days of using a new dpi
    No, your dpi in both the mouse and keymander have to match or it will not work correctly. I know that on PC 750dpi feels great, but on PC you have the 1 to 1 acceleration of the mouse. Pn the keymander you are emulating a controller analog stick meaning you cant quick swipe and add acceration because its as if you are pushing the analog stick to its max and then the program is not able to add anymore speed. Set the keymander and mouse at the same dpi. I recommend 4,000 to 5,000 dpi on both.
  • PUBG Profile 1.1
    Thanks appreciate the kind words! And Derek explained it perfect.
  • Division ps4
    Found it! Make sure you right click and save as to download the profiles.
  • Division ps4
    I will look for you and try to get a link.
  • whats the conversion from pc sensitivity to keymander please help ASAP
    Hello Will, the 3 sensitivity that you use in pc will not translate to the console game. Please search the site for a sample profile for the game and system you are playing on such as xbox category and modern warfare. Each sample profile will tell you what the set the game sensitivities at which is usually the max sensitivity. This is because the keymander and all other mouse and keyboard adaptors are limited by virtualizing the joystick movement.

    Also the dpi needs to be set around 3,000 to 5,000 dpi for best results. For more information and setup please read this post.
  • Halo Reach X1 pls
    Hey I have tinkered with this game and as previously stated the aim assist is Always active. This makes the mouse feel sluggish through walls when there is any enemy behind a wall that you dont see and due to Aim Assist it slows the mouse down. PC players are complaining abou this very issue on the forums and are upset that there is no way to turn of Aim Assist. I will try to work on a profile but I cannot stand 100% behind it due to the game having terrible underlying mechanics and no way to turn off Aim Assist. I have tested this with a controller in a private lobby with a frie d and can confirm the issue of aim assist activating through walls. Its not felt as much with controller because you are constantly maxing out the joystick and fighting it, where as with a mouse you will notice hiccups when moving aound the map that make you scratch your head.
  • Mouse issue
    check to see if you turned on turbo
  • Mouse issue
    check to see if you turned on turbo
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile
    Hello, this is a mormal occurance with the keymander or any input device such as controller to mouse adapter. These adaptors are limited by virtualizing the joystick of the controller. When you swipe the mouse fast to the side all you are doing is essentially moving the joystick to its max for a fraction and then stopping. Where as when you move it consistently it allows the program to act as moving the joysticm to the max and sustaining it while maxing the stick. Acceleration can be added to the profile to help with flicking, but this can cause you to miss shots or follow up shots when leading a target and the mouse suddenly speeds up.

    If you are used to playing on pc this will seem counterintuitive. I suggest downloading a profile from the keymander and load it into the keymander software and set the game sensitivities to the recommendation based on the profile you download. If you need any further help or assistance please feel free to send me a message and I will try to help you with setup.
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile
    are you on a computer or your phone?
  • Joystick help
    Hello within the program you sould be able reassign the buttons in the keymander software. If not then use the stick swap button and try to keep that key held down with something.
  • New gaming mouse (?)

    Double check and make sure this is your mouse. If so download the drivers and software and use the software to assign the sniper function. FYI my retikal mouse has a sniper button already assigned on the front left side of the mouse. Double check becuase you should already have one.