• XB1: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    Thanks guys. Appreciate you
  • XB1: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    Hopefully somebody can help me with this. I'm not able to glide well or drive vehicles well as i feel that my left right movements are not sharp enough. Its almost like moving in those 2 directions is so slow. This could be a in game setting maybe?

    Also for the record i have been using keymander for a couple years it is just this game im having that issue with. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks so much in advance.

    *this is only in the blackout mode
  • Prowler PUBG 1.0 Profile Release (black diamond profile)
    best profile i have ever used. just crushed it with this setup. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Prowler's PUBG V3
    Hey Prowler appreciate the newest profile in May. Since then the xbox 1 settings have changed a little bit in the console. There are far more settings. Do you have a lay out of what you have your settings at? Thanks in advance i appreciate you.
  • Using a Headset with KeyMander

    Its very weird about 10 minutes into playing it just started working. Could there be a load up time?
  • Using a Headset with KeyMander
    I have xbox one and i can hear audio and party members can hear me but i cant hear them. I have a head set that has the 3.5 mm connection and that is going into the turtle beach adapter for the xbox controller. I currently have 2 controllers setup.
    First one is plugged into xbox with usb connection and the head set is attached to that controller.
    The second control is connected to Keymander with the usb connection.

    My keyboard and mouse are working fine. Firm ware is all updated as well. Copilot is also wanting to be active because 2 controllers are on. I have tried it with it on and off, neither option works.

    Please help i really want to be able to use a head set with my keymander and be able to fully communicate with the party. Thank you!!

    Head phones im using

    Audio Controller

    Both controllers have been updated as well.


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