• Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration

    I am of course partial to the mice we make under our Kaliber Gaming brand, so if you prefer I lightweight mouse I'd check out our GME631 KORONA RGB mouse which is $10 off on Amazon right now. If you are a fan of the Logitech mice, the G502 Proteus Core is a great mouse and I have tested it to work.
  • Keeps Disconnecting on PS4

    This normally happens when the controller internal battery is dead. Fully recharge the controller by connecting it directly to the PS4, then see if the problem goes away. Also make sure you are not in Typing Mode. Press F9 to switch modes: One beep is Typing Mode ON, two beeps is OFF.
  • Corsair mouse cannot fire quickly in MW or R6

    You can use the record function on the console and either upload it to youtube, vimeo, etc. or attach the file directly. If that doesn't work, I'll message you a google drive account you can upload it to.
  • Corsair mouse cannot fire quickly in MW or R6

    What mouse are you using? Would you be able to post or send me some game footage so I can see what it is doing? For example, is it causing an irregular fire rate like skipping shots, or just slow?
  • Dayz for ps4

    Please try this profile and let me know your thoughts. There isn't enough access to guns/ammo to spend the needed time fine tuning the feel during combat so you will have to do some tweaking to your liking.
    Make sure set Horizontal and Vertical sensitivity to maximum.
    PS4 Dayz.profile (133K)
  • configure Logitech g403 side mouse buttons

    In the KeyMander software you set the commands you want to use to the Mouse Forward and Mouse Back buttons.
  • Corsair mouse cannot fire quickly in MW or R6

    We are looking into the timing of the fire button in relation to certain semi auto guns to see what is happening. What console are you on and on what guns have you noticed the issue?
  • Have you guys been happy with your purchase?

    KeyMander doesn't have any perceptible input lag, however all consoles do have to work within the turn speed limit set by the game developer as explained here.

    Microsoft Xbox One controllers connect via a micro USB charge and sync cable which basically turns them into wired controllers.
  • Corsair mouse cannot fire quickly in MW or R6

    Hi Thomassteil,
    Do you have the Turbo Mode turned on?
  • on Xbox1 loses sound

    Ok, try this: remove the batteries from your controller so we can make sure the controller is connected in USB mode, and see if everything is working correctly. Also, the headset uses a 3.5mm connector plugged into the controller, correct?
  • Keymander Mices and Keyboards??

    Yes, you can connect one of included mini USB cables between your PC and the PC port on your KeyMander, then run the KeyMander software on your PC and select Play Mode to pass through the keyboard and mouse functions to your KeyMander.
  • Black ops4
    I'll convert the XB1 profile for you right now to try, but I know there's a newer version somewhere. I'll give you the conversion first and try to find the newer one.
    PS4 CoD BO4 Blackout 4-19.profile (133K)
  • Black ops4

    Actually I can't remember as I made it a few months back. The original PS4 Blackout profile was the second one on the PS4 page. I think one of our other moderators has one I'll look for but not sure if it was ready to post.
  • Black ops4

    Try this one with the same settings from the PS4 page. I haven't posted it yet as I haven't finished tweaking it but see how it plays for you.
    PS4 CoD BO4 test.profile (133K)
  • Black ops4

    Use this one for Blackout "XB1 CoD Black Ops 4 Blackout.profile" on the profile page.
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile

    We originally set up the profile pages to be closed so the comments would be left in the main forum, but the Xbox profile comments somehow got left open so the threads grew too long to close. We will have to clean them up but that is a discussion for another time. As for support, we work M-F so we do not normally have company agents online on the weekends. We have many forum members that are around and willing to help, but there is no feature to control recoil so you are unlikely to get an answer except from a moderator. What other help did you need?
  • More like a pc type of feeling?

    Anthem has the most awful movement controls while in a base as they change the aim/look mechanics for some odd reason while not in a mission. What console are you on and have you started with our Anthem sample profile?
  • PUBG on PS4

    If your mouse settings feel different when passed through the PC, it normally means you have a mouse driver setting that is overriding the RAW mouse settings going to the KeyMander. You will need to open your Windows mouse settings and see what your mouse settings are currently set. Set your pointer speed to 6/11 and turn Enhance Mouse Pointer off. If that doesn't help, you may need to check for any other mouse drivers running such as Logitech, Razer or Corsair drivers and turn them off as well. Check this post for more information.
  • how to set up the deadzone and sensitivity on siege ps4

    Hi Benwithers,
    There's a few things I suggest to make your mouse smoother in R6S. First, make sure you are using this profile and the in-game settings listed here. Next, set your mouse and KeyMander dpi settings to 3500 dpi, then try 4000, 4500 and 5000 to see where you have the smoothest response with your mouse. I normally play Siege at about 4000 depending on the mouse. Also, read this information here about how the mouse works in the console environment versus a PC environment so you can start learning to work within the turn speed limits of console games like Siege. It has a lower turn speed limit than the Call of Duty titles, so you if you are a wrist flick type player as opposed to an arm movement type player you will need to get used to a slightly slower but more accurate movement speed.
  • on Xbox1 loses sound

    Make sure you have the KeyMander connected to a rear USB port on the Xbox One or you will have lots of problems with insufficient power. Next, depending on if you are running an RGB keyboard and mouse, you may have to add an additional power connection using the extra supplied mini USB cable connected to a minimum 1A USB power source like a tablet or phone charger.

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