• Controllers
    There isn't a way to do this currently.
  • Aim

    R6S has a very poor Aim/Look mechanic, which causes a pixelated or jumpy movement feel at slow speeds. We have updated our profiles a couple months ago to adjust for the new aim/look options, so I suggest trying both profiles with both in-game settings to see which one works best.
  • IoGear KVM to J5Create Dock

    Please contact IOGEAR technical support at 949-453-8782 or toll free at 866-9-IOGEAR for help as this forum is for the KeyMander gaming products.
  • AntiRecoil or Some other useful function

    Did you buy the KeyMander or the newer version, KeyMander 2? The KeyMander does not have or advertise game scripts like those other devices, but it does have a MUCH easier to use PC software for KeyMander 1 and smartphone app for KeyMander 2. Plus, both have a smother mouse response for faster and more accurate play, but the KeyMander 2 has the newest design with 8X faster processing for the smoothest response.
  • R6

    Yes it works properly, but you do need to make sure you have a few things set correctly first. Are you on PS4 or XB1? Did you use the most recent sample profile for R6S? Did you remember to set the in-game settings as shown on the profile page?
  • Caps lock slowing me down in game

    Caps Lock is preprogrammed for Walk Mode and cannot function correctly as any other key. Pressing Caps Lock will make you move slower than normal for sneaking up on your enemies.
  • Minor Issue

    Are you on Xbox One? If so, what USB port are using for the KeyMander? When was the last time you updated the controller software?
  • Rainbow six leaning/aiming

    Are you using this profile?
  • Rainbow six leaning/aiming

    Vous devez activer le mode macro et utiliser la touche Q pour vous pencher à gauche. La macro est intégrée au profil sur le forum.
  • GKM602R program not starting

    If you are on Windows 10 the built-in antivirus program Windows Defender will incorrectly see the driver as a virus. The only way to prevent this is to temporarily turn off Windows Defender and any other anit-virus programs that incorrectly prevent download of the GKM602R driver, then turn them back on after downloading and installing the driver.
  • Mount and Blade Warband

    We do not currently have a profile for Mount & Blade: Warband as it does not rely on precision aiming. If you are not able to configure a profile for this game, please let us know and we will see about ordering the game.
  • Best premade profile unless someone has good settings?

    Check this thread here to get your settings dialed in.
  • Keymander for R6 on Xbox One

    R6S is a fun game with a very frustrating Aim/Look mechanic. KeyMander will definitely help, but I strongly recommend the newer KeyMander 2 for R6S as it has several improvements.
  • Input lag

    Hi Joaly, you are in the forum for the original KeyMander. Please go to the KeyMander 2 Forum for the KeyMander 2 support.
  • More like a pc type of feeling?

    This link will help you understand how to fine tune the mouse settings.
  • Should I get Keymander?

    I recommend the newer version of KeyMander, KeyMander 2. It is a bit easier to use and faster so it is smoother overall.
  • My keymander cutts out

    Please confirm the following:
    Xbox One or PS4?
    If Xbox One, is the KeyMander connected to the rear USB or a front/side USB?
    If Xbox One, have you updated the controller yet?
  • Changing sensitivity

    Hi Jack, if it isn't the wrong profile button, check your mouse sensitivity button (if if has multiple sensitivity settings with a button press). If that isn't it, are you playing with PC connected? The next common cause is the mouse driver settings in Windows if you are playing with PC connected. Please check.
  • What is the recommended dpi setting

    We normally recommend setting DPI to your mouse's maximum setting, however there are some situations that are better with lower settings. I personally use 4000dpi for most games.
  • Solution keymander plis

    The reason the mouse feels different when connected through the computer is because your Windows drivers are affecting it. Set your Windows drivers as noted here and you should be the same with or without the PC connected.

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