• Keymander Keeps Disconnecting my Controller
    Ok, move the KeyMander to a rear USB port and the high pitch disconnection problem should be fixed. Please let me know if you run into an issue where the KeyMander stops responding for a few seconds and your character keeps moving the direction you were headed. We have some users with this issue and are trying to find the commonality between them.
  • Keymander Keeps Disconnecting my Controller

    Are you playing with or without a PC connected? Which USB port is KeyMander connected to on your XB1? What keyboard and mouse are you using? Are you using the XB1 controller that came with it or another controller such as the Microsoft Elite controller?
  • Understanding KeyMander Mouse Settings
    Main post updated with more information to help dial in your profile settings!
  • Keymander Keeps Disconnecting my Controller

    Our engineering team is looking into it but I'd like to try some additional troubleshooting while they work on it. Please take the extra mini-USB cable that is normally used for programming the KeyMander and connect it to the Power port on the KeyMander. Take the other end and connect it to a USB power source such as a cell phone/tablet charger or other source of USB power and see if you still have the same issue. If the problem is power related, this should fix it, but since I haven't been able to dupllicate it here I'm not yet sure what is causing it. Please let me know if that does or does not solve the issue.
  • Can't seem to get the keymander to work with pubg xbox one

    When you press F9 you should hear one or two beeps each time you press the key. When it beeps once and enters Typing Mode you will see a slowly flashing orange LED on the KeyMander. Do you see any LEDs lit up on the KeyMander?
  • Can't seem to get the keymander to work with pubg xbox one

    The most common cause of this issue is a bad micro USB data cable, or using a charge only cable which lacks the data wire inside the cable required for KeyMander to connect to the controller.
    The other possible cause is having the KeyMander in Typing Mode. Press F9 and it will beep once when entering Typing Mode and twice when entering Gaming Mode. Please check and let us know.
  • Pubg Xbox zoom

    Yes, here's the macros to do it:
  • Best Mouse For Siege PS4/XBOX

    I have our engineering team looking at the issue now to see if they need a PS4 patch for the Glaive or if it is something else. Of course I always recommend our GME671 FOKUS II mouse, but I work here and use it every day so I'm a bit biased toward it.
  • Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    The white keyboard is our GKB704L-BK which a non-mechanical keyboard and does not have built-in memory or RGB lighting. It looks cool, but is very basic when compared to the top-of-the-line HVER PRO you mentioned.
  • Derek, i wish to speak please

    Yes, remapping the walk function is already on my list of feature upgrades for future releases. What was the problem with the mouse that you were able to solve, and what mouse was it?
  • Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    No, these do not have analog output. There are about 5 keyboards on the market right now with actual analog function switches, but there isn't software to make use of the functionality yet. It's something we are looking at, but keep that a secret!

    I like the KORONA's feel very much, but the RETIKAL has a better sensor. That said, if you already have the KORONA, I wouldn't upgrade unless I was going to the FOKUS II with the 3360 sensor, or unless the KORONA doesn't fit your hand well. I personally use the both the RETIKAL and FOKUS II and like them both. The RETIKAL fits my hand a bit better, but I love the looks and performance of the FOKUS II.
  • No se que hacer

    Hola, actualmente estamos trabajando en la traducción de nuestro manual al español. Podemos ayudarlo aquí hasta que esté listo para imprimir. Todavía no tenemos un video en español.
  • My Keymander not working now

    Awesome, glad you got it fixed!
  • Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    The red switches are linear, meaning they get progressively stiffer as you press them and there is no tactile actuation point or audible click. The brown switches are lighter feeling and have a tactile bump at the switch actuation point, and have a lightly audible click.

    The HVER PRO is entirely programmable for macros, so you can program shortcuts to open programs, create 32 (I think) character macros, plus set up shortcut keys, etc. The double in

    The Korona RGB gaming mouse feels nice in the hand, has a ton of features and is a great value for the price, but I might be biased since I work for the company! lol

    Double Injected Keycaps: The HVER PRO's double injected keycaps will last the life of the keyboard without ever wearing off. The double injection process means the characters on the face of each key are injection molded as part of the key for longevity, not etched into a painted key cap with a laser like other keyboards.

    N-Key Rollover: Basically means you can press all the keys on the keyboard simultaneously and they will all register. Here's a video link showing what it means.

    Here's a video link showing the difference between mechanical keyboards and standard (membrane) keyboards.
  • My Keymander not working now

    Can you tell me exactly what is not working? Is the LED power light lit? If so, are there any other lights lit?
  • sensitivity tester

    The problem is that the sensitivity requires interaction with the game's aim/look mechanic so you can see how that sensitivity responds in the game. For your situation I would suggest using the manual sensitivity adjustment (see below) while you are playing if you need to make small changes.


    Let me know if this helps!
  • Keyboard and Mouse don't work every day when I turn on my xbox.

    My kids drop the controller all the time, killing both micro USB cables and three headset connectors!
  • XB1: The Division 2 sample profile

    Try the new posted profile and in-game settings as they are a huge improvement!

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