• using mouse in apex menu

    I tested the Stick Swap feature but without adding acceleration that hurts the aim/look controls I was unable to improve the speed.
  • Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements

    When you go to Help> Settings> i the firmware and software show version 1.3.122?
    Go to the mouse driver on your PC and set the polling rate at 500ms and save that to the mouse, not the PC. Then try again with KeyMander.
  • Apex legends

    What you are experiencing is exceeding the game's maximum turn speed. Your KeyMander sensitivity is set way too high and once past the max turn speed you will go slower the faster you try to move.

    Try this profile here and set the in-game settings as shown on the thread. Set your mouse DPI to 5000 and set the KeyMander DPI to 5000 and test it.
  • using mouse in apex menu

    Ok, so you want faster looting, correct? I'll see what I can come up with.
  • Mouse Giltches

    So would you say this is a quick click type of issue, meaning its based on a length of button press output?
  • using mouse in apex menu

    Can you give me a full description of the exact operation you're trying to do so I can try to find a way to make it work?
  • Xbox one X keymander not working

    Don't use rechargeable batteries with KeyMander as they draw too much current and can cause the KeyMander to shut down. Make sure the USB from KeyMander's "GAME" port is connected to a USB on the back of the Xbox One X. Do not use the front port. Do you have a PC connected while playing?
  • What does this thing do?

    Yes, in games that are compatible you can hold it down and shoot very fast.
  • What is Turbo Mode?

    You may experience a problem with other guns though, as it will cause timing issues in games like Call of Duty that makes it not fire sometimes. I personally don't use it unless I have tested it with all guns in the game to make sure I won't be handicapped by it in an emergency.
  • Mouse Clicks donmt respond as fast

    Hi Dan,
    What you are feeling isn't actually lag but rather you were exceeding the games maximum turn speed (basically exceeding the input the game can handle) so it does nothing while above the limit, and makes it feel like you are going very slow. The more you go over the limit (by increasing the sensitivity too high) the slower it feels. You can read about it here.
  • using mouse in apex menu

    Did you see the green text in the message above? Click it and it will fully explain how. If it doesn't make sense let us know!
  • KeyBoard and Mouse

    It is a direct China import, so I am not sure if it complies with ASCII standards. That may be a problem.
  • KeyBoard and Mouse

    I'm not familiar with it. Do you have a link?
  • Can we get a gta profile?

    Which version of KeyMander do you have? Plug the headset into the controller for audio.
  • G502

    What game are you playing and on what console? The "lag" you feel isn't actually lag but rather input overload from having the mouse sensitivity set way too high and exceeding the game's maximum turn speed as explained here.
  • Issues Downloading all Keymander Profiles

    Are you right clicking the file and clicking save or save as?
  • Profile Request Horizon, Wolfenstein 2, and Call of Duty remastered for ps4

    Try this converted profile until Marco has the official sample profile created.
    PS4 CoD Modern Warfare Remastered.profile (133K)
  • Xbox one X keymander not working

    Is it connected to the front or the rear USB port? Make sure it is plugged into the rear port.
  • Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements

    What software version is your KeyMander running? This is a compatibility issue that was fixed in the last version .122. Also can run it at 500Hz and that will fix it too.
  • Controller and keyboard on but not working? help!

    Move to the back USB ports as the front ports have less current available to run the peripherals, and we have seen lots of issues caused by it!

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