• Acceleration

    Do you have our android app?
  • Kaliber wireless mouse and keyboard software have trojan virus when you try to download?? help.

    Yes, its like an app to set your mouse options. I'll private message the file to you shortly.
  • PS4 Issues

    Ok, I will forward this to our engineering team to look at our patch. Thanks for the info!
  • PS4 Issues

    We previously had a problem with the Glaive but it was fixed in our firmware version 1.3.122. Can you please try another mouse for comparison and let us know the results? I sent our Glavie to our engineering team to create the patch we have now, so I can't test it. If the other mouse is fine with the same setup, I'll have our engineering team look at the Glaive again to see if they did something to the current firmware that hurt compatibility.
  • Continuous Macro for Destiny 2 AFK Farm

    Macros do not have a repeat function and cannot be "held", however if you tell us what you are trying to do maybe we can find a workaround for it. What issues are you having?
  • KeyMander Setup

    Did you connect the KeyMander to the USB port on the front of the Xbox or the back?
    What exactly happens when it doesn't work so we can trouble shoot it?
  • Keyboard and mouse compatibility

    What profiles did you download and did you import them to the KeyMander software, then save and upload to the KeyMander unit? Have you watched our getting started video here?

    The data port is for communication expansion and is not currently used.
  • PS4 Issues

    No, if the KeyMander is on and the controller is on, it should be recognized as a controller unless it is in Typing Mode (F9). Which Corsair mouse is it and what version of the KeyMander firmware is running on your KeyMander?
  • Kaliber wireless mouse and keyboard software have trojan virus when you try to download?? help.

    Are you on Windows 10? If so, open it as an administrator after you have unzipped the file and it should be fine. If not, let us know and we can attached an unzipped version.
  • Keyboard and mouse compatibility

    Most of the Logitech mice are compatible but some have issues with the side buttons. I have not tested or seen the MK120 yet to confirm.
  • PS4 Issues

    I see I have a conflict on the Touchboard button with Tab also used for L1. Set Touchboard for something else and see if that helps. I will jump on our PS4 and check this out tomorrow. What mouse are you using?
  • PS4 Issues

    Are you using the most recent profile from 6/6?
    PS4 Rainbow Six Siege 6-6-2019.profile (133K)
  • PS4 Issues

    It's probably the profile you are using which may have a button conflict. Check the button for turn assist and turn it off. See if that solves the issue and let us know what profile you were using so we can fix it.
  • Games that offer a linear response curve

    Have you seen this yet? It offers a good explanation of the mouse curves to help you get started making custom curves. I use custom curves in any game with a slower turn speed like Rainbow Six: Siege.
  • Kaliber wireless mouse and keyboard software have trojan virus when you try to download?? help.

    No, your anti-virus software is picking up a false alert. Which AV are you using? Update your virus definitions on it.x
  • Feel like my mouse isn't accurate

    Hi Dismalize,
    First, turn your dpi down to about 4000 and set KeyMander's dpi to the same. They should always match, and 4000dpi in R6S seems to be smoother for me. What console are you on?
  • KeyMander Android App Available on Google Play

    Hi Djlewis05,
    Yes, that is exactly the function of that port. Download the KeyMander software file "GE1337P_SW_V1.3.122" here and you can use download any profiles from the forum and customize as you like.
  • My mouse (m55 corsair) wont move around like the right stick

    I received the M55 and the new Corsair Nightsword Friday. The Nightsword does work but the M55 has no movement at all, exactly as you said. It seems to be incompatible at this time, so I informed our engineering team to review it and based on the popularity of Corsair they are going to see about creating a patch for it. The patches take some time so please use another mouse for the time being.
  • Acceleration

    For Apex there is timed acceleration built into the game that cannot be entirely overcome, but you can use custom mouse curves to mitigate it as much as possible. The aim/look speed of the game isn't too bad overall, so I suggest finding a mouse sensitivity that feels good and allows tracking your shots well while shooting enemies in your field of view, then using a curve to increase the turning speed for enemies behind you. The hardest part is dialing in the curve for turning around. I would start with one of our sample profiles and dial it in for you.

    I've attached a couple additional profiles I've been playing with for you to tryout.
    XB1 Apex Legends 5-30-19.profile (133K)
    XB1 Apex Legends 6-7-19.profile (133K)
  • Does KeyMander work with Bluetooth keyboards?

    No, those are not Bluetooth. They come with an RF dongle that connects to the keyboard port on the KeyMander.

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