• Headset beepin noise

    What console are you one?
  • Fortnite Issue

    We are working on it now, but there are currently some issues we are hoping to resolve so it works with all games, not just Fortnite.
  • macros

    Turbo mode is not compatible with R6:S, so we can't do that.
  • XB1: Sample Profile Group 1 for Xbox One
    Black Ops 4 posted for XB1 and PS4!
  • Black ops 4 xbox one profile request
    We are working on the profiles for BO4 right now!
  • Black Ops 4 deadzone

    If you have what feels like "lag", you have the mouse sensitivity set too high, the acceleration boosted too high, or both. Here's some information to help you better understand what's going on and how to set it up.
  • Fortnite Issue
    All I can say is that we are working on it right now. We know the issue and at have a solution we are working to implement, but I don't know how long it will be before we have it ready to upload.
  • Fortntie now picks up the keymander

    We expect to have a patch for it soon. They are using movement detection over time to see that there is no variance in L/R when moving forward for example, so that tells them it is digital movement which must be a keyboard. If you are using an analog controller like the Logitech G13, it will pass the movement test. We should have a patch to solve this shortly.

    Have you been about to get on and play consistently? The majority of reviews for this game are 1 star because they cannot connect or get booted by poor server connections.
  • ps4 controller disconnects and looks around for no reason

    What keyboard are you using? Is it a Corsair K95 or something similar?
  • how can i bind my mouse buttons

    Let's first test something. The Logitech software allows you to program the side mouse buttons and the mouse has built-in memory to store the setting, correct? If the mouse has built-in memory for programming macro functions you should be able to do the following as a test:
    1. In the Logitech software, program the forward side button to equal keyboard key K.
    2. Save and upload the profile to the mouse.
    3. Test the mouse by opening Notepad or something like it on your computer and verify that pressing the forward side button outputs K to your screen.
    4. If so, close the Logitech software and confirm it still works and does not require the software to be running in the background.
    5. If that still works, open the KeyMander software and set triangle button to K.
    6. Open Simulation Mode and start the game.
    7. Press mouse forward side button and see if the weapons switch (R6:S).
    8. If so, you're good to go and you can follow those steps to program the buttons as needed.
  • how can i bind my mouse buttons

    You are binding the mouse click wheel left and click wheel right functions in the CUE software?
  • Sensitivity Issues
    I turned off the deadzone so that any mouse movement=mouse movement in gamematty ice
    That will cause response problems with your mouse and invite ghost movement. Adjust the deadzone correctly and then cheat it a little if you want, but do not get rid of it completely. With your sensitivity so high, I would bet that your are very close to the game's maximum turn speed, so when you move the mouse fast you will exceed it and cause it to stop responding until the speed drops back below the max limit. The game's aim/look controls are fairly slow to begin with, so drop your sensitivity and increase your diagonal acceleration to 100% and test again. Diagonal acceleration isn't really acceleration but rather a balancing of X and Y movement as a percentage. If you can make smooth circles with your crosshairs when moving the mouse in a circle, then it's good to go.
  • how can i bind my mouse buttons
    I have not tested the Proteus Max yet, but if it doesn't bind using the normal KeyMander programming software, use the Corsair CUE software and set those buttons to output an unused keyboard key like K or L and then set K and L to whatever you want in the KeyMander software.
  • Prowler PUBG 1.0 Profile Release (black diamond profile)

    OK, that is important to know because there is another thing we need to check when the PC is part of the equation. I need you to go into the Windows mouse settings and check the following:
    1. Make sure the Windows "Enhance Pointer Precision" feature is turned off.
    2. Under pointer speed there is a slider with 11 tick marks. Make sure the mouse is set on tick mark 6, otherwise it adds acceleration from the Windows mouse driver.
    3. Windows 10 users need to make sure your Windows screen scaling is set to 100% or that scaling will be applied to your mouse movement.

    I didn't see what mouse you have listed. Please let us know, and also check if you have a mouse driver program for it running in the background.
  • Prowler PUBG 1.0 Profile Release (black diamond profile)
    I move the mouse and it moves like a second laterLongOverStrong
    This is exactly what happens when you exceed the game's maximum turn speed, and the more you exceed it, the slower you go. Please see the section on Maximum Turn Speed (In-Game) here and it will explain it in detail. Did you remember to upload the profile to your KeyMander after you set it up? If not, you are not playing with those settings unless you are in PC Play Mode.
  • HID issue

    What firmware are you on now?
  • Fortnite profile with marcos for 3 layer build

    You can set the delay between button presses in the macro. Is that what you mean?
  • Keynander sensitvity change randomly?

    Are you using a sample profile from the forum or one of your own? Are you making sure the profile is set to default so that each time you start KeyMander it starts on that profile?

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