• KeyMander Compatible Keyboards and Mice

    Are you only using the first 4 profiles? That keyboard doesn't have the rest of the F-keys, so I'm wondering how that works for you?
  • Mouse

    Gaming mice are subjective because it must fit your hand well to perform well. We have tested the Razer DeathAdder, Razer Basilisk and Corsair M65 Vengeance mice which all work. If you have a store that sells them in your area I would see how they feel in your hand first. I would look for a mouse with the PMW3360/3366 or PMW3367 sensor first as personally feel that is the best sensor design. The PMW3389 is used in many Razer mice and works well if you like Razer mice.
  • Play Mode Troubleshooting

    If the KeyMander software closes you mostly likely have an issue with your anit-virus program. Open your anti-virus program and turn it off temporarily to check see if the KeyMander software runs normally with the anti-virus disabled. If so, you will need to add an exception to your ant-virus program for the KeyMander software.
  • hello
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  • plz need

    What happens when it stops working? Can you describe what exactly happens?
    Does the power light on KeyMander turn off? Does the controller still work?

    Are you playing with a PC connected?
  • Keymander DPI settings

    Here's the updated Destiny 2 profile for PS4!
  • Help with firmware upgrade

    Hi Lloyde,
    Please read this and let us know if you still get stuck and what step you are on.
  • PS4 APEX Legends Little Things "Profile With My Macros So Far"

    Try this profile for Apex Legends on PS4. It has the X key linked to stick swap so while you hold it you can loot with the mouse.
  • PS4: Apex Legends
    Profile updated 9-9-2019
  • Mouse sense

    First, you likely have your resolution way too high for that mouse, and if you have the version with the Avago 9800 laser sensor, that may also be part of the problem. The ADNS9800 sensor uses a laser and is best suited for a hard pad. Additionally, Redragon uses resolution doubling processing to make their specs look better, which may contribute to the jitter you are experiencing. The ADNS9800 has native resolution steps of 200 which means you always want to be on a setting matching that (200, 400, 600, etc.), however with Redragon's doubling you need to be on a 400 step (400, 800, 1200, etc.) for best accuracy. Set your mouse to 4000dpi, set KeyMander dpi also to 4000, and switch to a hard mouse pad if the resolution change doesn't help.
  • Mouse sense

    What mouse are you using and what mouse pad? Specifically, what is the mouse pad surface made from?
  • Keymander DPI settings

    I need to update the profile this week, but here's the link for D2.
  • Keymander DPI settings

    For R6:S there's no auto-aim so set to 10K and set KeyMander to match.
    We have D2 for PS4 posted I believe but I'll double check.
  • Help troubleshooting my Mouse movement

    Hi HawkEyes,
    I need to update the sample pack as I have updated nearly all the profiles in it on their individual profile pages. The R6: Siege is a huge improvement on the individual page here.
  • Keymander DPI settings

    Hi HawkEyes,
    You don't need to set it higher than 10K, and depending on the game and if you like auto-aim, you may prefer a lower setting. What game are you playing?
  • Keymander random delays on all of my games apex legends, bo4 etc

    We have found some inconsistencies in two areas and our still working on it. Our engineers need a little info to help us confirm it if you can provide the following:

    1. Connection: Is KeyMander connected to Console only, Console and PC or Console and Power port?
    2. Does your KeyMander have the 3.5mm Data port next to the reset button or not?
    3. KeyMander software version running on your PC?
    4. KeyMander firmware version running on the device?
    5. What game(s) is/are affected?
    6. What console are you on (XB1 X, S, XB1 original, PS4 Pro, Slim, PS4 original) and what model controller are you using?
    7. Keyboard make/model?
    8. Mouse make/model?
    9. If PC connected, what OS and anti-virus software are you running?

    In the meantime you can connect the mouse and keyboard directly to the KeyMander and should not have the issue.
  • PS4 APEX Legends Little Things "Profile With My Macros So Far"

    In the console version you hold the weapon switch button to reholster your gun. In our sample profiles we use the mouse click wheel button for that function.
    The up arrow lets you quickly access health or shields by pressing or holding to bring up the mini menu.
    Are you looking to swap the sticks when you loot? If so, you can assign the stick swap function to a key or mouse button for that function.
  • Xbox One isn't auto-updating games even with the setting turned on.

    On my Xbox console it has been keeping games updated fine, but I had the exact same problem with one of our PS4 consoles. This thread reminded me to go look into it.
  • Mouse not working?

    It depends what else they are fixing at the time. Sometimes it can be quick like a week or two, but they don't have the mouse yet so I will send them mine to investigate the problem first.

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