• What keyboards and mice does the KeyMander work with?

    We haven't tested that keyboard and are unfamiliar with the brand. Is it an import on Amazon or something?
  • What keyboards and mice does the KeyMander work with?

    We had tested the Turret mouse and keyboard awhile back and it worked at the time. I'm not sure if Razer's update did something to the compatibility, or if we changed something but it is now not working. I will send our test unit to our engineering team to work on a patch if possible. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Fortnite sensitivity is wayyyy too slow

    The console version of Fortnite does not currently have the ability to assign weapons to individual buttons, and it doesn't have a "reset" function like the building blocks do so we cannot make a macro to do it at this time.
  • Battlefront 2 Xbox one Profile

    Hi Ivan,
    This is a XB1 conversion of our PS4 profile, but it should be close. We will release an official XB1 created version soon.

    Make sure to set these in-game settings as noted below:
    Zoom Sensitivity: 100%
    Soldier Sensitivity: 100%
    XB1 Star Wars Battlefront II.profile (133K)
  • What is Turbo Mode?

    I agree, but it's such an unused feature that we prioritized several other items ahead of it. I expect we will get to it sometime after we finish the iOS app.
  • My key mander stopped working properly

    We haven't changed any of the mouse sensitivity functions, but if you are playing with a PC and your mouse and keyboard are connected through it, the PC drivers can affect the mouse feel considerably. Additionally, if the KeyMander crashed (sounds like it did) your profile settings could have been affected. There are three things to check:
    1. If you have saved a backup of your profile, import it into the KeyMander then save and upload.
    2. Check the KeyMander dpi setting and make sure it is set to the mouse's maximum resolution (unless your mouse has greater than 10,000dpi, in which case you will set them both to 10,000).
    3. Disconnect the PC from the KeyMander and connect your mouse and keyboard directly to the KeyMander. You may notice the mouse feels different which means there is a PC driver affecting your mouse performance when the computer is connected.
  • My key mander stopped working properly

    What game are you playing that feels this way? Does it feel like it takes a second to get the mouse moving, or more like slow after its already moving?
  • Mouse not Working

    Can you move around in-game or do you just have arrow key control?
  • [PS4] Keymander flickering audio and black screen. [Fixed/resolution]

    What games were you playing besides Overwatch? It sounds as if there are issues with the HDCP flags in the games, so it would be good to know about them!
  • far cry 5 button layout issues

    I am looking into it now. Haven't been able to reproduce it yet.
  • Few game bugs that might have a simple fix?

    Until I get the timing fix I use the control for driving and then switch back to the keyboard and mouse for everything else.
  • No Control For a certain Amount of Time

    Please let me know if you have any crashes without the PC connected. Also, can you provide a list of processes running in the background on the PC when the KeyMander Play Mode crashed?
  • Few game bugs that might have a simple fix?
    Ghost Recon Wildlands - Driving a 4 wheeled vehicle or boat is nearly impossible, at the click of the mouse for gas the boat kicks into like 300 mph and a car has no sense of staying straight, i don't move anything or touch a button but the gas and I'm stuck doing donutsLynx

    There's a timing issue with the Xbox One version of GR:W that causes the accelerator to start at full on when pressing the gas. Our engineers know about it and were supposed to have fixed it already, but they put priority on finishing the Android KeyMander app first. This should be fixed soon after we get the Android app is launched.

    FAR CRY 5 - Weapon Wheel throwables rapidly keep changing when hovered overLynx

    I'll have to look into this one.
  • Mouse Extra Bouttons
    This discussion was merged into Mouse Extra Bouttons
  • I have problems pls help

    Hi Mazz,
    Did you get it running well or are you still having issues?
  • Mouse ignores fast movement and small movements are choppy

    You are hitting the game's maximum turn limit speed. The higher you crank up the sensitivity, the worse it will get if you are already moving faster than the turn speed limit. This usually means you have added too much acceleration and/or have incorrect deadzone settings, and the in-game sensitivity is not maxed out. Please read this as it will help you understand how the mouse works with the console, and how you can overcome this issue.
  • Trackball mouse compatibility

    Hi Sara,
    I am sorry for the late reply. Most trackballs should work fine with KeyMander, but we do not have a list of them.
  • XB1: Fortnite Save the World / Battle Royale sample profile

    Did you remember to set the in-game settings as shown on the first post?

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