• KeyMander Compatible Keyboards and Mice

    We are trying to add some mouse updates soon. We bought the M55 to profile it so hopefully we can add support. In the meantime, do you have another mouse you can use?
  • XB1: Overwatch sample profile (updated)

    I've been using 4000 on Overwatch with the new settings and it seems to work well. If you play with auto-aim you might try going down to 3500 to make it a little more sticky.
  • Keyboard response

    What is the firmware number that is currently installed? What keyboard and mouse are you using? Did you make sure that your profile shows it is set for Xbox One and not PS4?
    Also, is the KeyMander connected to the rear USB port on the Xbox One?
  • Can't import profile/group

    Did you click on one of your 8 profile spots, select import and the R6S profile from your computer? Does it show in your 8 profiles now? If so, did you remember to click Upload to send it to the KeyMander?
  • Rainbow Six Siege Profile

    I'd be willing to bet your sensitivity is set too high and you are exceeding the game's turn speed limit. Please read this and you will have a much better understanding about how to set the sensitivity. Next, start with either Prowler's or our sample profile and use the settings exactly in the profile to start. Make small adjustments in sensitivity 3-5 points at a time until it feels the way you like.
  • Keymander stops working on day 2

    It sounds like your Xbox is coming up in Bluetooth mode instead of USB mode for the controller. When you turn on the Xbox using the power button on the front of the console, if the controller power light doesn't turn on, and you instead have to press the power button on the controller, it is in BT mode.

    Here's how to fix:
    If the KeyMander is connected to an Xbox One console and completely stops responding to the keyboard and mouse, check the micro USB cable first. If if still does not respond, check the controller’s USB connection as described below.
    Loss of USB Connection to Controller
    In the event the KeyMander stops responding to the keyboard and mouse, you can check the USB connection to controller by opening the Xbox menu, going to System>Settings>Devices & Streaming>Accessories. When the Xbox controller is displayed on the screen, select the three dots below the Configure box. Select the Firmware Update even if “No update available” is displayed. Select Continue. If you see a message saying to insert batteries or connect a USB cable after pressing continue and it will not attempt to update, the controller is connected to Xbox One in Bluetooth mode and you will need to follow the steps below to switch it to USB communication.
    To Force the Xbox One to USB communication:
    1. Disconnect the controller from KeyMander.
    2. Disconnect KeyMander from the Xbox One console.
    3. Disconnect the external power cable from KeyMander (if attached).
    4. Press and hold Xbox power button on console for 10 seconds until the console shuts down.
    5. Unplug the power cable from the console for 1 minute.
    6. Reconnect power cable to the console and turn on using the power button on the console. DO NOT press the power button on a controller!
    7. When green Xbox screen comes on during boot up, connect the controller directly to the Xbox One console using the micro USB cable.
    • Controller should light up by itself indicating it is in USB mode.
    8. Reconnect KeyMander cable to the rear USB port on Xbox One console.
    9. Reconnect external power cable to KeyMander power port (if needed).
    10. Disconnect the controller micro USB cable from Xbox One and reconnect to KeyMander.
    • Controller should light up by itself indicating it is in USB mode.
  • can't update firmware, run software, nothing

    If the wheel keeps spinning, the PC is not seeing the KeyMander connected. Did you connect both USB cables to the PC from the KeyMander's PC port and Power port?
  • XB1: Apex Legends sample profile

    If you moved the mouse a lot and it moved very slow, I'm almost certain you had the mouse sensitivity set too high in the KeyMander software. Start with a low setting around 25 and start moving up by 5 until you get close, then go one at a time until it feels good.
  • K&M works but mouse won't shoot

    I checked your permissions and you are a full member so you should be able to right click the profile and select "Save As" to save it to your computer. For now I will message you the profile to get you going.
  • KeyMander Firmware

    We have no idea as we do not have a Linux machine here to even test it on.
  • KeyMander Discord Community

    We can delete your account but there is currently no way to delete your posts. Our content filters and moderators for the forum shouldn't have allowed any bad words or inflammatory content anyway, so you should be fine.
  • Look Direction Randomly Changing

    Go to your KeyMander software and right click on your profile. It should give you a list of options and you click Export. Save the profile and attach it here so we can download and test it.
  • XB1: CoD Modern Warfare (2019) sample profile

    Are you on XB1 or PS4? We haven't seen this issue unless the KeyMander is in KB mode (flashing orange LED)>
  • K&M works but mouse won't shoot

    What profile are you using? If you are using one of our sample PS4 profiles did you change the L2/R2 buttons?
  • keymander trouble

    Hi Benji,
    Let's start from the beginning so I know how to better help you. Do you have a PC or are you trying to setup the KeyMander manually without PC?
  • XB1: Apex Legends sample profile

    Ok, are you using our sample profile exactly as provided or did you make changes to the sensitivity?
    There isn't any input lag with KeyMander, but if you set the sensitivity wrong you can exceed the input threshold of the game as described here and it will feel like there is a response delay or lag while the game is ignoring the input.
    What is the mouse resolution (DPI) setting?
    What is the KeyMander's DPI setting?
    Did you remember to turn on Macro Mode with F11?
  • Mouse Feels Different in PC Play Mode vs Direct KeyMander Connection

    Yes, you can have a keyboard and mouse connected to both PC and KeyMander at the same time, (although not necessary because KeyMander has pass-through in Simulation and Play Modes), and the PC will impart any mouse adjustments caused by any drivers or software running in the background to mouse movements made with the mouse connected to the PC. If the mouse movement originates on the mouse connected directly to the KeyMander, it will not add have any influence from the PC drivers. The easiest way to see this is to turn on Simulation or Play Mode and move each mouse a little bit (if both mice are connected), then you will see the difference of the influence the PC has if both mice are setup exactly the same and have the same resolution setting.
  • KeyMander Firmware

    This sounds like your controllers are defaulting to Bluetooth communication. Do you use batteries in your controllers or are you running without?
  • KeyMander Firmware
    New firmware update released to address fire button issue with guns in certain games like Rainbow Six: Siege.
  • One tap un r6

    If you are having an issue with clicking the mouse faster than the fire button will shoot, please update to the new firmware version V1.3.124 released today. The link is here.

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