• Dayz Xbox one game profile request!

    Hi GILHE,
    When I looked up the game it said it was unfinished and still in development. We don't normally release profiles for unfinished games, so since you are playing it do you know the status of it?
  • Rainbow Six Siege
    Hi Zohrow,

    You are correct that caps lock is for walk function. You have to hold caps lock and the direction of movement, like holding the left shift key to run. Is that no working for you? If not, do you have something mapped over the top of caps lock?
  • Mouse not registering clicks.

    Are you playing while connected to PC or with the mouse directly connected to the KeyMander?
  • Controller won't turn on upon plugging in to Keymander!

    Ah, ok. Does your keyboard have two USB connectors? If so, your KeyMander will need the additional power input connected to a USB power source. What model keyboard is it?
  • Controller won't turn on upon plugging in to Keymander!

    Ok, let's do this:
    Make sure your Xbox is turned off, not in power save mode but actually powered off.
    Plug your mouse and keyboard directly into the KeyMander.
    Connect your micro USB cable between your controller and your KeyMander.
    Make sure the KeyMander is connected to the Xbox One rear USB port.
    Press the Xbox Button on the controller to turn on the Xbox.
    Confirm the WASD keys on the keyboard to navigate the Xbox menus, if so you're good to go. If not, make sure the arrow keys work to navigate the Xbox menus and let us know.
  • Overwatch XB1 Profile
    Is there any way to make the gradient of the graph steeper?, im not sure if that would fix it but when i want to turn around or do like a 180 it falls behind a bit, as if my aim isnt completely tied to my mouse and moving the correct proportional distance to my mouse.sheun

    Hi Sheun,
    You can adjust the mouse curve as needed to better fit your play style, but remember that if you boost the curve too high for your sensitivity setting, you will exceed the game's turn speed and actually slow your mouse response the faster you go. This will give you more information.
  • pubg

    You can try converting our Xbox One profile for now, but we will have our own PS4 sample profile up in a couple days.
  • Controller won't turn on upon plugging in to Keymander!

    Ok, do you have a micro USB charge and sync cable like for an Android device?
  • Controller won't turn on upon plugging in to Keymander!

    First make sure you have the USB cable connected between the KeyMander Game Port and the USb port on the back of the Xbox One. Next, take our test cable with the micro USB connector and connect to the controller (without batteries so we can test) as shown here. Pressing the controller Xbox button should turn on the controller.
  • mouse buttons

    The mouse that came with your KeyMander will absolutely work with the side buttons, so if they are not working they are not assigned correctly in the KeyMander software. Go back to the mouse that came with your KeyMander and in the software set the functions you want to Forward and Back which are the two side buttons. Let us know.
  • Does KeyMander support USB gamepads and joysticks?

    We haven't specifically tested it, but we are compatible with nearly all the joystick models we've tried. You just have to set it up as a joystick instead of a mouse in the user interface software.
  • Why does my Keyboard work in the XB1/PS4 homescreen but not in game?

    Hi Chuck,

    The first problem is that you do not have the KeyMander connected correctly. If you look at the circled area in the screen capture below you can see the controller is not connected to the KeyMander as required. Please connect the controller to the KeyMander and let us know if you have any issues.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4
    You can convert the Xbox One version to PS4 for now while we are working on the PS4 version. The final release will be very similar but of course optimized for PS4.
  • read dead redemption 2 profile

    Third person Beta release profile posted! Please make sure to read the notes.
  • XB1: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    There are two aim assist functions in the game's menu. The regular aim assist doesn't work in multiplayer, which is fine because you would have a horrible time fighting against it to get headshots, etc. anyway. I recently found that Target Assist on the other hand can usually be pretty beneficial unless you are an absolute ace with the mouse. I played without it for a long time but came back to it after finding that that the slightly magnetic feel of Target Assist in this game is better than in older CoD titles, and helps keep you in the target area without being so sticky as to fight against you when working for a headshot. I'm seeing if there is a way to maximize it's functionality with profile settings now, but so far the only big downside I've found to Target Assist is when there are multiple targets behind each other or when a target pops up into your crosshairs while your primary target has jumped or moved out. In this case and you have to fight it a bit to get back to your primary target or just start engaging the assisted one which often leads to getting killed since the one you were about to finish off may still be shooting you, and the new target which may have 100% health is now also shooting you so it's unlikely to be able to outlast all that health stacked against you.
  • XB1: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    I have made some very minor changes to my current test profile, but even with some of the server lag I haven't seen much issue with this profile. Cheating the dpi value adds finer steps to the mouse movement and can smooth it out, but at the cost of never reaching the peak movement speed. However, rarely do you need peak movement speed so it is worth testing for your specific mouse.
  • Having trouble signing in

    The app automatically capitalizes the first letter in your password so make sure to change it to lower case if it was created that way.
  • Fortnite Issue

    Since Epic Games pulled the algorithm down we are holding our patch until they release something else.
  • Bind button to multiple keys

    Not yet. It required more of a code rework than I expected, so they have added it to the next major build.

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