• Benefits of Windows Virtual Machines
    Organizations with distributed workforces are increasingly looking to virtual machines to solve challenges presented by remote operations. Windows Virtual Machines provide end-users with access to the same applications, user interface, and settings as if they were using a physical computer, which is a great tool for a remote workforce. They offer several other benefits as well, including:

    1. Customization
    Each department in your organization can set up and configure its virtual machine however it chooses. Virtual desktops can be customized with just the apps and computing power that a particular worker needs.

    2. Cost Savings
    VMs replace traditional hardware with virtual environments, infrastructure, and storage, so they eliminate the upfront costs of expensive hardware.

    3. Time Savings
    You can hire a service provider to administer and manage your virtual machines. When it comes time to update your operating systems and apps, your service provider takes care of everything at once. The result: your VMs are always kept up to date.
  • Free to Convert OST file to PST file
    If you don’t want to regular backup Outlook OST to PST, then you can manually archive the emails. To perform this task follow the given instructions.

    Step 1. Launch Outlook on your Windows OS.
    Step 2. Go to File >> Info.
    Step 3. Then select Cleanup Tool >> Archive.
    Step 4. Here select the folders that you want to export. Along with it, you can choose the date range and also browse the location to save the archive file. At last clcik on the OK button.

  • What is Payroll in QuickBooks?
    QuickBooks Payroll is an outstanding choice if you already use QuickBooks Online and are looking for payroll software that will make your life just a little easier. Designed for businesses between one and 50 employees, it integrates directly with QuickBooks Online, can run payroll automatically, and offers same-day or next-day direct deposits. It comes with three plans, and businesses can upgrade as they grow and require more services. Health benefits and retirement plans can be incorporated with any subscription.

    However, if you use accounting software other than QuickBooks Online or have employees in multiple states, it’s worth taking a closer look at the competition. QuickBooks Online is the only accounting software QuickBooks Payroll integrates with, and if you have employees in more than one state, you may have to pay extra monthly tax filing fees

    How does QuickBooks Payroll work?
    QuickBooks Payroll is a cloud-based payroll software that allows businesses to pay employees, file payroll taxes, and manage employee benefits and HR in one place. The software saves time by automatically calculating, filing, and paying federal and state payroll taxes.

    After getting set up, you can automatically run payroll for your employees. Or, if you don’t like the automated option, you can run payroll manually from your computer or through the mobile app. You can also customize reports to include deductions and contributions, multiple work sites, and paid time off.
  • What is Microsoft e3?
    Office 365 E3 is a standard Microsoft 365 plan for an Enterprise organization. E3 subscription delivers efficiency of Microsoft 365 including all key Office 365 apps supporting real-time collaboration including professional email, online data storage, team collaboration solutions, and video conferencing tools. Moreover, the Office 365 E3 license gives access to dozens of additional applications included in Office 365 Enterprise.

    E3 plan is the best choice for companies looking for fully remote working and collaboration solutions, like Microsoft Teams.

    In case of complex usage of Microsoft 365 services and integration with on-premise environments, Office 365 Enterprise plans are the right choice

    Description of Microsoft 365 E3 service
    no limited number of users/licenses

    desktop versions of Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote

    Office apps available for five mobile devices, five tablets, and five PCs or Macs per user

    50 GB mailbox with custom domain address
  • Hosted VDi
    VDI saves time, labor, and energy. Your firm avoids the extra costs the traditional desktop would cause to these cost centers. You can also save on the expenses you incur by having many individual user licenses. Hosted VDI workstations are more affordable, and they have a longer useful life than the traditional desktop

  • Things to know about drake tax Software?
    Below are the top seven benefits of Drake Hosted on the cloud:
    Flexible Access to Your Tax Data.
    Huge Cost Savings in the Cloud.
    Enhanced Security.
    Get 24/7 Support on The Cloud.
    Cloud Ensures Backup and Disaster Recovery.
    High Uptime and Always-availability.
    Increased Collaboration in The Cloud.

  • Microsoft Access Cloud Benefits
    Importance of Microsoft Access?

    Microsoft Access users can easily create and modify database queries and reports using the graphical user interface, and a menu-driven macro recorder to automate repetitive steps. Advanced users can customize Access applications using the Visual Basic for Applications "VBA" programming language common to all Microsoft Office applications. Access also includes many templates that can be easily modified by end users.

    Professional developers can develop complete, customized Access applications using more advanced languages such as Visual Basic, Structured Query Language (SQL), and C++. These custom applications can remain Microsoft Office compatible and work with more powerful external systems including Microsoft SharePoint Portal, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.

    Microsoft Access is important because it dramatically decreases the amount of time required to exchange and leverage information between Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft Access Cloud provides database management functionality for novice end users and is highly extensible with enterprise systems by professional developers.
  • solution to split oversized PST
    Use a professional PST File Splitter tool for splitting oversized Outlook PST files into smaller PST. ...
    Split large PST files by size, folder, and year.
    Split Oversized PST files in ANSI and UNICODE formats.
    Breaks Split PST files in all Version of Windows and Outlook Version.

  • Vartika Free OLM to PST Converter for Mac
    There is also an manual method to do so.

    Start the Outlook on MAC and choose the items.
    Right Click on the folder, choose Move >> Copy to Folder.
    Find your IMAP folder and select Copy.
    Now update IMAP folder with Send/Recieve button which moves your OLM Emails to IMAP format.

  • Best VSPL NSF to PST Conversion
    Launch IBM Lotus Notes program.
    Click File > Open > Louts Notes Application.
    In the Open Application window, browse for the required NSF file and click Open.
    Now, on the File menu, click Export.
    On Export dialogue box, enter the file name, file location, and saving type.

    Will Joe
  • Convert OST File to PST
    Open Outlook and go to the File menu.
    Select the Import/Export option.
    Choose Export to a file.
    Select Outlook Data File (.pst)
    Choose whether to export a specific folder or the whole account.
    Check the Include subfolders box.

    This may help,
    J Wick
  • Split PST by folder
    Launch Microsoft Outlook and go to the File tab.
    Click Info >> Tools >> Clean Up Old Items.
    Select a Folder to archive, choose a date in Archive items older than box and click Browse to save archive file at desired location.
    Click OK to end the process.

  • Vartika Exchange EDB Converter Software
    Step 1: Go through with the given command to get the list of mailboxes in the database.


    (By following this command all the mailboxes present in the database will be enlisted.)

    Step 2: Now run this command to ship the EDB file to PST.

    New-MailBoxExportRequest-Mailbox<MailboxName>-FilePath\\Exchange Backup\PST\Mailboxname.PST

    By following this command mailbox data will save to a new PST file. Just remember, the destination folder is a shared folder.

    Step 3: To check the status of the mailbox export request, just follow the given command.

    Get-Mailbox Export Request

    Step 4: After completing the process of Exportation; cancel the request by the below-written command.

    Remove-MailboxExportRequest-Identity<name of the export request>
  • Microsoft 365 E3 Benefits
    Microsoft Office E3
    Though the E3 plan is slightly more expensive than the E1 tier, the added features justify the investment. Within the O365 E3 plan, each user gets the full license and is allowed to install the applications on up to 5 desktops, 5 tablets, AND 5 smartphones.

    So your remote workers or team members working from home won’t be dependent on having a good, secure Internet connection 24/7. They can stay productive wherever they are and on whichever device they are on.

    The E3 plan includes everything mentioned in the E1 licenses along with some extras:

    • MS Office Suite: Users will always receive the most updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive for Business, Teams, Access, and Publisher.
    • Cross-Platform Installation: Users now have the benefit of installing Office applications across devices (Windows, Mac, Android, tablets, smartphones).
    • Cloud Storage: O365 E1 comes with 1TB of cloud storage for OneDrive for Business (which is more than enough in most cases). However, with O365 E3, you get 1TB by default and the ability to increase it to 5TB and even 25TB if needed.
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): DLP allows you to comply with business standards and industry regulations in terms of protecting sensitive information and preventing data leaks outside of the organization. DLP is not available in E1.
    E3 also includes other data management functions like archiving, rights management, and document-level encryption, advanced emailing, access control for emails and documents, and intelligent search and discovery features that allow you to easily pick up required content from Office applications, SharePoint, and Delve
  • Features of QuickBooks Self Employed
    QuickBooks Self-Employed Is Good For
    Freelancers that need to track profit and expenses and file federal tax returns: With QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can categorize expenses and bill customers if needed. It also offers assisted tax filing features to help you file your federal and state tax returns easily. For other popular accounting options, read our guide to the best accounting software for freelancers.

    Freelancers that need a mobile bookkeeping app: QuickBooks Self-Employed has its own mobile app that lets you create and send invoices, track business mileage, scan receipts, and categorize transactions imported from bank feeds. QuickBooks Self-Employed is our top pick for freelancers in our list of the best mobile accounting apps.

    Businesses looking for easy-to-use software: QuickBooks Self-Employed’s uncluttered dashboard and intuitive navigation allow you to set up and use your account quickly.
    Businesses that need to track mileage: If driving is part of your work or business, you can use QuickBooks Self-Employed to track business mileage automatically as well as potential tax deductions.

    Hope this helps
  • Virtual Desktop for businesses
    Benefits of VDI
    1. Simplified and Centralized Management
    Problems will come up with the infrastructure deployed requiring resolution. Work can be done remotely to resolve faults from the central station. Thus, a key benefit of Hosted VDI is simplified and centralized management.

    2. Flexibility
    You can affect installations, troubleshooting procedures, and upgrades without any action whatsoever being undertaken by the user. Activities like the virtual creation of desktops can be deployed without affecting the end-users productivity in any way. Flexibility via VDI gives unique advantages.

    3. Accessibility
    Devices like mobiles, tablets, and Thin Clients are now accessible since VDI benefits & utilizes basic I-O (input-Output) data. Furthermore, because of this unique capability, users now have within-the-reach software that normally would not have been available to them, like Windows-based software packages on a Mac. Users now have enhanced capability due to accessibility.

    Hope this helps
  • Advantages of QuickBooks hosting
    advantages of QuickBooks for your business:
    1. QuickBooks has easy-to-use software that is customer oriented. Even if your company does not have a big accounting department, this software is made to be used by many people and its design is really easy to understand;

    2. QuickBooks Cloud Accounting can help you manage your taxes easily. Filing in tax reports and monitoring income has never been easier. By using the software you will not have to worry whether your tax report will be made correctly and on time.

    3. QuickBooks is constantly evolving and improving. There are lots of improvements inside the software that can always prove to be helpful for running your business. New features are added regularly, so all your financial areas can easily be covered.

    4. QuickBooks is a leading software in terms of safety and adaptation to new technologies. QuickBooks is slowly, but steadily moving forward towards being the best financial software that can be on the market. It can be accessed from any type of modern device, which makes the life of business owners much easier.

    5. QuickBooks has many integrated tools that will help you increase your efficiency. There are lots of helpful shortcuts as well as other working tools that make accounting easier. Users will save lots of time and their work performance will rise significantly by using this software.

    6. QuickBooks challenges companies to be oriented towards product innovation and open thinking. By using this software, the company's productivity will rise, and that will encourage the workers to be open to innovation and to be more focused on making their company better than it is.

    7. QuickBooks offers value for money. There are lots of software out on the market, but nothing matches QuickBook's offer. It can save you lots of effort and money, which can be put to good use for the benefit of the company.
  • Exchange Recovery of EDB file
    How do I recover an EDB file?
    After you log on to Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager, in the navigation area, select the Exchange Server node and Recover tab. The Mailbox Restore Browser view opens. From the Actions pane, click Open EDB File on Disk. In the dialog, enter or browse to the location of the backup database (EDB) file

  • PST Merge Tool
    The PST Merge tool permits the user to select different options to merge PST files and remove duplicates. One can merge or remove duplicate contacts in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. The user can select the Mail, Contact, Calendar, Task, Notes, and Journals Field as per the choice to eliminate duplicates