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    And this macro will work because i have one setup and it never worked even tho I i had pressed f11
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile
    I mean like i set a macro up on my profile but it never worked ive brought this 2 months ago not used in more then 4 times the aim and jitter is to high and fast i play 100-100-100 5-5 and i used the pre set profiles from long ago havnt tired any new is there a new preset with setup ads and aim in the keymander i try to aim and i cant pull down on my mouse using / razor death adder at 400dpi? Or do i need to go higher like 1200
  • XB1: Rainbow Six: Siege profile
    Is there anyway your able to setup on rainbow to have sprint as shift then while aiming in you need to click down the left stick to lean left but it dosnt Work because you sprint is click down left stick and then while aiming you need to click left stick to lean is there anyway you can change that? Using keymander ?