• Keymander not working I need help!
    I used multiple different mice and they didn't work so idk
  • Keymander not working I need help!
    Thanks for replying. I have a keymander 2 as my adapter and I have a MageGee MK Storm keyboard, as well as a MagGee G11 Mouse. I have an Xbox one S that is plugged into a power strip. I have the keymander plugged into the back of my xbox with the KBM and controller all plugged into their ports. For the extra power I used to have it plugged into my xbox as well, which I tried, but then I tried plugging the extra power into the wall an it didn't work still. I have came to the conclusion that it is probably the mouse port because everytime I plug in my Keyboard and my controller, it works fine. But the second that I plug in my mouse, it stops working and has a weird glitchy spasm where it shuts off and turns back on, and then shuts off again. If needed I can record a video of this and attach it here. Thanks again for helping :)


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