• Diagonal sensitivity

    sorry but no.
    I mean in the game. I think is called USA
  • XB1: Battlefield 1 profile (updated)
    well i don't know what cables are from keymander exactly :)
  • XB1: Battlefield 1 profile (updated)

    I have the same issue, no matter what mouse or profile i;m using. The issue is since BF1 but in BF1 i wasn't a semi-auto rifles fan so i didn't care that much. Now guess, what, I really like some semi-auto rifles but i cannot enjoy them as i should. How important are the USB cables? Because I mixed them and i don't know their order.
  • XB1: Battlefield 1 profile (updated)
    genesis gaming mouse, 4k dpi or smth like that.

    turbo was on.

    Now is off and it appears that's worse than before.
  • XB1: Battlefield 1 profile (updated)
    on semi auto rifles when i try to do "tap tap tap tap" sometimes the 4th mouse click gets lagged and doesn't transmit to the game. Anyone had the same issue?
  • XB1: Battlefield V sample profile
    Hi Derek,
    Thank you for posting this. I was testing it for a week by now. These are the best settings for me by far, i've been testing out some self made settings - but somehow i keep on failing. The BF settings are too advanced for me to understand them fully. I have a question although, why there's such a big impact on the mouse sensitivity when i modify the curve settings? I feel smth is missing when i play with the scope rifles. Should i try to adjust the settings from the BF menu or from keymander? I need to find the settings with that "natural touch" that I'm used too.
  • Battlefield 5 Profile
    question? how can i remove the mouse acceleration? what settings should i modify? thanks.