• Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    Thank you for the reply. I was using the Kaliber GKM602R and keyboard that were sold with they keymander on Amazon. I have since purchased a 10K dpi mouse, adjusted the settings and deadzone in the software and have not noticed any choppy behavior from my mouse.
  • Jittery / Choppy Mouse Movements
    Howdy, I know I am late to the party. I am playing Battlefield V on PS4 with they Kaliber Gaming mouse set to 2000 DPI with the same setting in my keymander. I'm having an issue with a jumpy mouse when I aim down my sights. I adjusted the deadzone in the keymander to the minimum and there was still no movement when I wasn't touching the mouse. I then went in-game to adjust the game deadzone until there was movement. However, this only made the jumpiness worse when I aimed. The only solution I have found is drastically decreasing the sensitivity either in-game or on the keymander. If there is a solution that would allow me to keep my ADS higher (current in-game ADS 200% keymander 90%) I would appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.


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