• XB1: Call of Duty: WWII sample profile
    I got it to work, I just had to throw the .profile file in the same folder as the keymander .exe file.

    The profile is smooth; all I had to do was tweak the sensitivity a bit for my liking, thanks!
  • Using PC Headset to hear Xbox One Sound

    So I have headset connected to my PC. I was wondering if it was possible to use that same headset to hear Xbox audio through the keymander somehow - (Just like using the mouse and keyboard for both). I do not need to hear both at once, but if that's achievable that would be great!
  • XB1: Call of Duty: WWII sample profile
    Just got the keymander today. Having issues importing the .profile file from this thread.
    I try to import it from my downloads folder using the keymander software, but it doesn't come up. Any help?

    (I do have the latest firmware)


    EDIT: Found a help thread in the forums for this question. Made it work.


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