• Keymander keeps ghosting!

    I've only used the simulation mode as it allows me to edit on the fly, so I have no clue if it happens in the play mode.
  • Keymander keeps ghosting!

    I'm going to go ahead and give my info since I've had the same issue but I just ignored it.
    1.) Connected to Pc & console only
    2.) It has the 3.5mm Data, however I'm not using it.
    3.) GE1337P_SW_V1.3.122
    4.) Keymander firmware is GE1337P_FW_V1.3.123.002
    5.) I've only ever experienced this on Rainbow Six Siege
    6.) XB1 Original, just the generic controller that came with the console
    7.) CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE Low Profile
    8.) Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse
    9.) Windows operating system and other than windows defender, no antivirus
  • XB1: Fortnite Save the World / Battle Royale sample profile
    Anyone mind helping me, I just can't get this profile to work properly. I've tried maxing out both my in game sens and my mouse dpi but when I play it sluggish and jittery. I have a razer deathadder elite (16000 dpi) and corsair k55 kb.
  • More Profiles !
    They're currently working on one. It has slow turning mechanics and they;re dialing everything in right. "We are currently working on this title, since it has such slow turning mechanics its taking a little longer to dial in everything correctly." -Moderator [Marco]
  • PUBG Sample Profile Xbox One
    Quick question, What DPI do you use on this profile?
  • Rainbow Six profile doesn't feel right
    This might not fix it but go ahead and check if you have turbo on your right trigger on your profile. If so uncheck it. I say this because I had a problem where i was shooting a full auto while turbo was on and it stop shooting the gun overall.06m28seyglrxrmbp.png
  • my keymander crashes
    I've had the same issue and I think it's a corrupted firmware, lookup the thread "Firmware Recovery After Failed Update or Corruption" on here and follow it step by step. After I did this the problem ceased to exist. Hope this helps!