• Overwatch Mouse Movement
    I'm wondering the same with regard to Overwatch, and hitscan heros vs. projectile heros, there's a relatively new setting that is not mentioned in the profile setup here on the forums, which is "Aim Assist Ease In." Given that within the game itself, hitscan heros should have the slider set more towards 100 and projectile heros should have it set more towards 0, should the default profile have it set at 50? In the profile for OW from two years ago, this setting is of course not mentioned (it didn't exist then), so I'm just wondering if that's one of the recommended settings changes to the game's default settings. And if you just leave it set at default, I'm wondering if people have to change profiles on the fly when playing different heros in OW using Keyamander. (Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm very new to using this type of equipment for gaming.)
  • Xbox one x Tartarus pro
    Can I get a refund then? I have had this KeyMander since Dec 2019 and it doesn't look like there's an going to be a solution for it to work with my Tartarus Pro anytime in the near future. Or if the KeyMander 2 IS going to work with Tartarus Pro, I'll would like to exchange my current one.
  • Will the Razer Tartarus V2 work?
    Has there been any follow up on this issue? What's happening with this fix?
  • Xbox one x Tartarus pro
    I also purchased a Tartarus Pro to go with KeyMander and my PS4 and it's not working. The only buttons that work are the button over the joystick that seems to correspond to the Circle button on my PS4 controller, and the joystick on the Tartarus that corresponds to the movement joystick on the PS4 controller. Please let me know if there's going to be an update to KeyMander so that my Tartarus Pro will function.

Allyson Stilber

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