• Fortnite BR
    Thank you!! I figured it all out. I just had to buy a better mouse haha. Thank you so much for the help!

    And yeah. Are there any old copies for horizon zero Dawn? Read what happened to the profiles and couldnt comment on the thread for some reason.
  • Fortnite BR
    Hi Derek!

    Yeah i know, the game already support direct keyboard and mouse plug in through the playstation usb input.

    But i'm using i keymander since the mouse and keyboard don't work on the same usb port on the PS4 since it's the same usb connector. But it's the sensitivity that's killing me. Everything else works just fine in F9. It's even better than using a F4 profile since then you have to use Y to change weapons instead of 1 2 3 4... So yeah, if there's like a way to change the sensitivity in another way... Please tell me haha or i'll just wait for the Profile to come out.

Alex Araneda

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