• Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration
    Thanks so much! I know it’s up to my playstyle, but it would be great if you could recommend one, between g502 and g305. I have a medium palm but slightly short fingers. I prefer light mouse, but I will trust you about the weight not mattering as much. I am buying the mouse just for the keymander, to fix my aim in apex and similar games.

    Also, for the g502, will it function well without the Logitech computer software, besides the missing extra buttons?
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration

    I might not use the g502 too much because it’s weight is too heavy for my hand.
    However, what’s the highest dpi the keymander software can take? G502 PRO is 16000 max dpi, I think.
    Hope you recommend the other mice too.
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration

    Hey, turns out I was using the upgraded version of the m601 redragon, which is still a terrible mouse after the large upgrade.

    Thinking of buying g502, g305, or razer death adder. Keep in mind this is mostly for easy aim and recoil control for hard to use guns like alternator and r-99 for apex, and other FPS.

    For g502, besides the extra buttons that won’t work, will it still work exactly the same as without Logitech pc software?
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration

    Thanks! Looks like to control guns with high recoil in this game, I’m going to need to adjust my sensitivity and get a Logitech G502.

    Is there an option to turn off acceleration while ADS but turn it back on while not ADSing?
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration

    For the macros, is the number between the + symbol between the inputs the delay?
    How much of the number would equal to 1 second, if so? I want to have a slide-jump macro:
    B, wait 1/2 sec, A
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration
    Yes, works well, there are a couple of bugs, like i look up whenever i hold g for grenade menu, and sometimes I have to double tap x for it to input, but it feels awesome! High mouse resolution makes it feel like the actual game on pc.
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration
    Ok dowloaded the file, assigned x button to mouse forward button, so i can move while collecting items and can still reload easily.
  • Apex Legends: In-Game Acceleration

    I was so excited to receive your reply, thank you.
    I play on Xbox One, sorry if that wasn't clear enough.
    Where would I test out the sample profile? Can I do it on the app, direct download from site, or see a discussion?