• Kaliber Gaming wireless keyboard and mouse combo
    I've been very happy with my CM MasterKeys Pro S. I've got MX Browns but they make it with Reds and Blues too. Onboard lighting profiles (and I imagine keybindings/macros too although I haven't messed with it). My only gripe is the lack of dedicated media keys, but I feel like it's harder to find those on a TKL anyway. Though there are a few other good and affordable options for gaming keyboard . I would recommend check them as well
  • KeyMander Compatible Keyboards and Mice
    The Logitech MX518SE is the BEST MOUSE EVER MADE. PERIOD. HANDS DOWN. I use a G500 simply because I'm not paying ~$300 CAD for a mouse no longer in product. Part of me wishes I had just taken it from my old job, but that'd be considered stealing, so not a good idea. Recentli i got a very good list regarding some quality cheap mouse like Razor Elite, check them here
    Objectively? Can't even start without more information about what kinds of games you play, if you have a glass desk or not, and whether you want wired or wireless, or to use the mouse with a laptop or other devices as well.
  • Best gaming mouse
    Fact remains Razer did have a few very strong products that lasted, and those mice are among them. Things do change over time. Razer is indeed utter **** today, but before they got picked up at large by Esports crowd, it was geek heaven.

    The one constant in time seems to be logitech when it comes to mice, or peripherals in a broad sense. It usually has a baseline of quality that is just very good. They also seem to find innovations that truly work and last. Their wireless tech right now for example... if I would ever go wireless on mice for gaming, it'd be with that. I would also suggest here to look at a few good quality but cheap options for gaming mouse here
    I believe some of them will generate your interest or attention atleast. You can also try Razer Basilisk mouse if you have a budget
  • Fortnite Issue

    Big disappointment indeed
  • Mouse
    Though there are many features associated with Corsair M65, i mostly like the design - Built for low weight, high rigidity and optimal mass distribution.
  • Fortnite Issue
    Unable to log into fortnite servers, NAE.Packet loss has been a steady 15% on download, 0% packet loss on upload. I'm dropping frames on a $4k rig. It started happening after that 10.20 update. I'm not sure wtf Epic x Fortnite is doing but I dont understand how the worlds most popular game out right now being out 2 years and yet cannot fix these servers??
  • Mouse
    Agreed, I am using Corsair M65 Vengeance mice and I am having really good time and fun while playing.


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