• Rogue Company Xbox One
    I appreciate it thank you
  • Cold War
    i took my profile for COD MW, made a few changes to the DZ and the in game settings. works well. for the most part, everything is the same between the two. but Moderator is right. changes will ge made before the game launches. start in game settings around 11-12 for both Horz&Vert. DZ at 8, and Aim assist set at the first option. ill try and screen shot my set up and post it, if alllowed
  • COD
    Use a controller then
  • keymander cutting out midgame
    Yes everything is working fine. i updated the firmware and for keymander, controller and G hub. played pubg, cod and far cry with no issue
  • keymander cutting out midgame
    @NotACopperV I have also had the same issue. For example, i will start to run and then it continues to move until i bump the analog stick on my controller. i have my console USB plugged in the rear port. i also was having another minor issues so checked all the things Moderator asked, the reset the gamepad emulator and have not have any issues so far. i hope that was useful at all.
  • Need help with my g502 on the keymander
    " Here are screenshots of My Keymander profile and my mouse profile. the last one is the one board memory which i do not have active. in the past i did have it set to active and it still worked, but i found a way to switch profiles quicker and easier with it off. if you have any questions ask away, more than happy to help. @"blacklucas1
    COD Profile (1M)
    G502(1) (845K)
    G502(side) (838K)
    G-HUB (457K)
  • Need help with my g502 on the keymander
    hmm that's weird. unless there is a difference in the 502 and the 502 hero i have because, i currently have both side buttons set to for my D-PAD left and right, and the two top left buttons programmed for D-PAD up and down. if i can find out how to post the set up I'm using i will. All my FPS games, even Skyrim all function with no issue. The DPI shift even works and it is great to use for making small movement/ADS adjustments.
  • Need help with my g502 on the keymander
    like with pubg i have the middle mouse button set as #2, from there i just made sure the G hub and keymander both match and then so on. hope this answered your question
  • Need help with my g502 on the keymander
    sorry for the dubble comments. lol just woke up and still trying to get going
  • Need help with my g502 on the keymander
    i have a G502 hero and i can assign the two buttons next to the left mouse button and the two on the side where the DPI shift is. what you need to do is go into the mouse software and assign the buttons a number IE 1,2,3,4. then in the keymander software changed which ever controller commands you want to those numbers. be sure that the mouse profile is active in the mouse software.
  • PUBG Profile 1.1
    I dropped down to 2300 dpi and it was alot better.i have since bumped up to 2600 and it is almost perfect.
  • Logitech G502 with PS4
    i have a G502 hero. i used logitech's software to make the LB,Y, Right, Left,Down and Up all to the mouse using numbers or keys i never touch, (P) for example. then match them with the keymanders software. but the kicker is that you have to set that profile you create for the mouse as the default. if you look in the top right corner of the Logitech program there is a gear, click it. it will bring up the mouse and 5 on board memory slots. click on the the default and then click on and all your buttons will work.
  • PUBG Profile 1.1
    @Prowler i'm new to keymander,(iv played FPS on K&M years ago) but just wanted to give you a S/O on a great profile. i did change a few key binding to the mouse buttons on my G502 hero, but by far the smoothest profile iv tried. one question, do you have any thoughts on adjusting the in game settings to align with a mid-higher DPI? i run around the 5100-5450 range and 2800 on the DPI shift.

Chris Melton

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