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About Yep I was right you guys can't handle constructive criticism. How do you expect to grow as a company if you don't let your customers post their reviews of your products. Its ok ill make sure I post it on my youtube page a nice video explaining my experience with Keymander or should I say Kidsmander. I guess the clan you sponsor or represent aka Kalibre Gaming is really a bunch of unprofessional immature kids. Oh and by the way your firmware has a bug since it crashed my .NET application my computer has been malfunctioning. Makes me wonder if your apps contain virus's too. I know it did because I closed your software and the .NET application started back up.

wow!!! im not being monitored no more (wait no I am still monitored when it comes to comments aka replies), I guess my previous post about me returning your stuff shows you are really control freaks. You deleted my constructive criticism post. Childish! That's what creates a bad reputation for a company. A customer should have the right to post his experience, and if you delete the post, it shows you don't appreciate insight into your own products. No wonder the forums here hardly has a community. You just want the moooolah and pretty much say no to customer support.
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