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About Guerrilla Gardening: What the cool gardeners are doing these days
The other day I found myself watching the morning and they played an article about the art of guerrilla gardening. It's not the only time that I was informed about the concept of guerrilla gardening. At https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lily-plant-identification/id1570145257 some people have attempted DIY guerrilla gardening and shared their experiences.
It's a great idea and one I've always wanted to explore. Guerrilla gardening basically refers to the act of planting a garden that is not accompanied by approval from the property owner. To be honest, most of these activities are carried out on vacant or abandoned properties. It's a method to beautify the property illegally. Since my garden is illegal (I swear I'll explain this one day) I think the idea of doing more gardening that is illegal is awesome.
I've been eyeing an area and was hoping to begin my search with it, however, life and the rain have prevented me from going there. The location I've been eyeing was actually the flower bed that was once in time on the front of an older historical building. I'm sure whoever the person who took care of the place was, they don't take care of the area and it is a sign of the heart of me when I see an old and beautiful structure with a garden full of quackgrass on the front. I was thinking it might be good to get rid of the area and then plant some flowers.
After I finish that I am beginning to think I'll need to think about doing something more ambitious. I'm not sure what but I'm going to watch out.
While I was a resident of Cincy I was in a house that was in an area that was a rough neighborhood. The houses were crumbling while the yard was littered with trash that was more than plants. I rented my home but I still cleared the yard of debris and built an eclectic garden that was filled with items planted in the wrong places. The garden I created was one of my favorites because I got many compliments about how lovely the sight of blooms growing throughout the neighborhood was. It was the first time I learned the way that flowers cheer wherever they are. That's what guerrilla gardening is about.
Guerrilla gardeners usually operate in group settings. I would like to start an association within Cleveland or if there's already one, I'd be interested in joining. This is something I'd like to investigate.
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