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About 5 Major Types of Memos with Examples

Every stage of life necessitates the use of different communication tools to convey information or thoughts to others in a convenient and comprehensive manner. At the college or high school level, the means of communication include passing notes or using instant messaging platforms. Internal communication at the business level, on the other hand, is heavily reliant on memos. Memos are used to deliver small informational messages that are not only succinct and effective but also a bit more formal, similar to sending an instant message or giving notes to express your thoughts.

If you are a business student, you will undoubtedly be assigned several memo writing projects since your professor will need to prepare you for real-world action. You might think of memo writing as a difficult task right now but trust me when I say it gets a lot simpler with a little learning and practice. If you are an experienced essay writer, you will have no trouble composing this paper as well. Students who understand how to organize a piece of writing and shift tones find it easier to create various types of memos.
Five Major Types of Memos
Before we delve into the different types of memos, it is important to mention here that all the types differ based on their purpose and audience majorly.

  1. Request Memo
If the name of this memo does not already give it away then let me tell you that this kind of memo is written with the intent to get a favorable response against some request. A request memo is to be written convincingly if you want its purpose to be achieved. The judges often say in the court, “If you have heard the accusations, you can proceed for rebuttal”. An expert essay writer can also have a rebuttal.

  1. Ideas/Suggestion Memo

As the name of the memo signifies, this memo is written to convey your thoughts or suggestions on a particular matter. In a corporate setting, managers ask their subordinates t to give their suggestions to tackle specific situations quite often. A memo written by an employee to suggest ways to overcome issues is regarded as an idea/suggestion memo.
This kind of memo is usually common in academic assignments as well as it enables professors to analyze the critical thinking abilities of a student along with memo-writing skills. A little tip is to add facts and pieces of evidence to back up your suggestions as I used to do it as well when I used to write my essay from Essay Writer For Me which required composing a suggestion memo. It always helped me to score high grades and meet my professor’s expectations.

  1. Confirmation Memo

This type of memo is usually written by managers to confirm to their employees that something has been agreed to verbally. This memo contains all the significant details of the agreements and mentions all the demands and targets. A confirmation memo also includes a section where employees are asked about their feedback and are encouraged to ask questions to clear their misconceptions regarding the agreed-upon setting. Including a counterargument in your memo might seem counterintuitive and most expert hire essay writers might be quite unsure how to include one.
An example of a confirmation memo is the memo written by an executive-level officer of a company to confirm the hiring of new personnel for a particular department.

  1. Periodic Report Memo

This type of memo is submitted periodically such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly by each department of a company to fill higher management on key areas. These memos are designed in a standard fill-in form on which data or information can easily be entered.
An example of a periodic report memo would be a monthly sales report generated by the sales manager for higher management of the company.

  1. Informal Study Result Memo

The final memo is an informal study result memo that is written with the intent to present information to the organizational personnel which is easy to read and understand.

I hope you find this guide helpful and can distinguish between different types of memos once you are done learning bout all of them. If you still find memo-writing difficult then the option of seeking help from an essay writing service provider professional essay writers online is always open for you. Getting their help to improve your skills is nothing to be ashamed of.

Best of luck with your future memo-writing assignments! Hopefully, you will ace them all and surpass the expectations of your professor with little practice and tons of dedication.
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