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About Essay Writing Overview in 9 Simple Steps Guide-2022

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the essay writing task. There are many steps that go into writing an essay, from planning all the way to the review phase. You should avoid diving straight into the writing process and should plan your approach first. Knowing the steps that go into writing the essay can be helpful for you while starting the essay writing process.

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Brainstorming is a creative process, where you use various techniques to come up with and store the ideas and information related to the subject matter. It can be through the spatial organization of ideas through mindmaps and listing, or it can be through freewriting and journaling.

The brainstorming allows you to create an outline for your essay and lets you discover relationships between parts of the subject.

Researching into the subject matter

Jotting down the information in the brainstorming part allows you to know the extent to which you know about the subject matter. You can strengthen your knowledge and fill in the missing gaps by researching the subject.

The information that you collect should come from academic sources such as journal articles, editorials, and books.

Essay Outline

The essay outline allows you to write with free flow, without letting you worry about the sequence of information in the essay. You should make sure to construct paragraphs with a logical flow and strong arguments, and each salient argument and idea should be placed according to its sequence.

The Introduction

In the introduction, your essay should give a bit of background information about the topic before mentioning the thesis statement. The thesis statement should mention what an essay writer will present or discuss in the essay. The thesis plan follows the statement, mentioning the claims, arguments, and analysis that you plan to discuss.

The Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph will hold a different claim. The paragraph will be divided into:
  • Topic sentence: The sentence tells the reader what the paragraph will discuss.
  • Descriptive information: A little explanation about the topic of the paragraph.
  • Argument: You will present the argument after giving some background about the claim.
  • Evidence: The argument will just be an opinion unless you back it with strong evidence.
  • Counter and rebuttal: Counter to your argument will be discussed and shown how it fails to undermine your argument.
  • Warrant: You will connect your conclusion to the main thesis.

The Conclusion

The conclusion will mention the main arguments and claims in the essay in light of the thesis. It shouldn’t add any new information but reiterate the main parts.

Getting to your first draft early

It is useful at times to quickly come up with a rough draft for the essay. It allows you to match what you intended to communicate in the paragraph to what you are communicating through the essay. You can make the changes accordingly in the amorphous first draft rather than a rigid final one.

Revising and editing

The revision process should start right after the first draft. You will look out for any structural irregularities as well as spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. You should try to make right the logical flow and the writing style also take help online an essay writing service.

Using the Feedback

Develop a thick skin and use your criticism well. Without heeding to the advice of your instructors or the evaluators you will find it hard to improve your essay writing.
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