• Satan
    so i just got this a few weeks ago and i used it in the COD WW2 beta and it worked great but now im trying to use it on other games like RB6 and destiny 2 and my mouse speed is incredibly slow, i was reading another post that suggested to some one that the speed could be to much for the game so adjusting mouse sensitivity is required. but idk if thats my case
  • Satan
    so i decided to try this on another cod game and its doing the same thing. i do have to say all this started happening after i used the preset profile that you could download. is there a way to undo all this?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    You cannot use the same profile in R6S and D2 that you use in Call of Duty games. The CoD franchise has probably the best look mechanic of all first person shooters as it has a very high max turn speed, and has no strange acceleration bumps, etc. as found in Rainbow Six: Siege. D2 has an improved look mechanic over D1, but turning while sprinting still feels like you're running through deep mud, even though the turn speed limit is higher. We will be releasing a D2 profile very soon, but the game itself is just not capable of the same speeds as CoD. Read through this to get a better understanding of how the mouse works with console games.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Download the Destiny 2 profile for XB1 here.
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