• Moderator [Marco]

    We will have one soon! In the mean time you can convert the Xbox version!
  • DubZ
    how soon ? multiplayer just came out. :heart:
  • 2spooky
    Here's how I've mapped mine (sorry 'bout the length):

    Standard Controls (PS4 w/ Keymander)
    • WASD - Move
    • WASD (in cover) - Peek
    • WASD + L-Shift - Hold to run, tap to sprint
    • Mouse - Look/Aim
    • L-Ctrl - Crouch
    • C (Weapon Wheel) - Maintain weapon; hold to look behind
    • L-Ctrl + C - Eagle Eye
    • Spacebar - Tap to jump, climb, or vault over obstacles; hold to pick up or search objects; while hunting, hold to draw animal attention
    • Spacebar (while aiming) - Tap to dive; tap to block melee attacks
    • Spacebar (in cover) - Move to next cover spot (with WASD)
    • F - Interact with environment, loot bodies, skin animals; hold to rest; (in melee combat) grapple opponent
    • R - Reload weapon/melee combat
    • Q - Tap to draw/holster weapon; hold to display wheel menu, tap to pick up weapons or objects, or select weapon with Right Analog Stick and release to equip weapon
    • E - Take/exit cover; hold to study an animal or tap to show/hide animal information
    • Mouse right-click - Hold to aim equipped weapon; hold to lock on to nearby characters or animals
    • Mouse right-click (Hold) + Mouse left-click - Aim and shoot
    • Mouse right-click (Hold) + C - Activate Dead Eye while aiming
    • Mouse right-click (Hold) + Spacebar - Combat dive
    • Mouse left-click - Tap to draw weapon, fire weapon, or cock weapon between shots (if applicable); rapid tap to shoot from the hip
    • 4 - Hold to open satchel or horse cargo
    • 1 - Tap to display log; hold to check journal
    • 1 + Mouse right-click - Toggle shoulder view (while aiming)
    • 2 - Whistle/Call Horse
    • 2 (while aiming) - Raise your gun to the sky to fire a warning shot
    • 3 - Tap to view current objective (while on mission), expand radar, display honor rating and environmental information; in camp, tap to show status of camp supplies and savings; hold to change radar type
    • V - Press to toggle camera view; press and hold to trigger cinematic view
    • ~ - Display pause menu; hold to open the map

    ...based on the controls listed here
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