• jaebyrd96
    I've been trying countless times to get the keymander software and firmware onto my mac so I can play on my xbox but nothing seems to work. I downloaded virtual box for windows 10 and it wouldn't let me download an app outside of the Microsoft store. I tried to run windows 8.1 but I needed a product key. I tried running windows 7 but the files wouldn't download. I've spent 2 full days trying to figure out how to get keymander working. Any help?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    We do not have a good way to run the KeyMander software on a Mac. I believe there are other users here that got it to work, but we don't support Mac directly so there's not much we can suggest. The only way I remember seeing it work firsthand was on a Macbook running bootcamp and Windows 7. However, we are working on our Android app now, which will be followed by our iOS version.
  • HelloWorld
    I use it with Parallels to some extent, its ok to setup profiles and upload them but it crashes when you try to update the firmware. I didn't figure out a way other then using bootcamp...
  • Kevin77
    I tried using Wine and it wouldn't open Keymander on my Mac. I'm not going to buy a Windows license just to run Keymander. When is the app coming out for iOS?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    We were hoping to have it live already, but we are finishing the last round of testing for our first release now.
  • Fllair
    is it done yet? surely. my product arrives very soon and I dont want to have to borrow my brothers laptop to have to set it up
  • Moderator [Derek]

    We have a communication problem with iOS devices using the lightning connector, since our device uses the 3.5mm cable for data connection. We have so far been unable to solve the issue through with lightning to 3.5mm converter cables so we are now working on a different solution. Unfortunately that means Android and PC are the only two options at this time. I may have another option for you shortly. I will send you a message directly.
  • Fllair
    It's ok, no need to continue. I received my product, only for it to not be compatible with my keyboard....
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