• McLovins
    I can't even kill a bot in terrorist hunt the mouse has so much input lag, I don't the max dpi of my mouse I bought the mouse and keyboard in the bundle with the keymander on Amazon.

  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi McLovins,

    Did you download the sample Rainbow Six: Siege profile here and upload it to your KeyMander?
    If so, are you using the profile as is, or did you make any changes?
    Did you make the changes to the in-game settings listed on the profile page?
    Did you press the DPI up button on the mouse and make sure you see 3 red flashes to confirm it is set to maximum resolution?
    Did you set your TV or monitor to game mode (if it has one) to minimize latency?
  • McLovins
    what is the best sensitivity and stuff to use for rainbow ???
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi McLovins,

    This profile by Mottflyer has worked well for many people. Have you downloaded tried to import our standard R6S sample profile or Mottflyer's profile yet?

    If you need some help downloading and importing game profiles read through this link here, then let us know if you have any trouble.
  • McLovins
    ya i have tried that profile but the sense is a little bit to slow, I tried raising the sensitivity although every time i raise it it gets un smooth and i just dont know what to do.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    R6S has a slower look mechanic and you will exceed max turn rate if you raise sensitivity too high. I suggest testing a curve if you want a faster look mechanic without bumping sensitivity into a jittery range. Try something like this below and start testing until you get something you like:

    If you have a laptop handy you can run in the simulation mode and keep making changes until you find something that works well for your style of play.
  • McLovins
    what does the curve do?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The curve changes the mouse response from a linear mouse movement vs. aim/look speed, to a faster (or slower) movement vs. aim/look speed. In other words, you can make the aim/look move faster with less mouse movement and change the feel of the mouse. However, this does require a significant amount of time spent testing and playing in simulation mode to create a custom curve that fits your needs. Here's an explanation of mouse curves from the User Manual:

    The Curve is the relationship of Mouse Velocity (physical mouse speed) to Aim Velocity (on-screen speed). When the physical mouse and on-screen speed are the same, the curve looks like this:

    Mouse Velocity increases from left to right. Aim Velocity increases from bottom to top. As you adjust the curve up and down, the relationship of the physical mouse speed to on-screen speed changes. The two sections represent different movements:
    A: Close Aiming Movements B: Long Turning Movements

    Pulling the Curve up makes the on-screen movements faster and pulling the curve down restricts the speed – of A or B as the mouse is moved.

    Adjusting the Curve
    Adjusting the curve allows you to fine tune turn acceleration, deceleration, high and low speeds with limits, and boost velocity. Use the graph points to adjust the curve to suit your needs. Use the examples below to understand how adjusting (A) Aiming and (B) Turning affect movements in the game:

    (A) Low Aim Speed / (B) High Turn Speed

    (A) Increasing Thrust for Aiming / (B) Prevent High Turn Speed

    (A) Normal Aim Speed / (B) Increasing Thrust for Turning

    (A) Normal Aim Speed / (B) Low Turn Speed

    (A) Decrease Aim Speed / (B) Normal Turn Speed

    Although it takes time, testing out different curve settings can help you fine tune the mouse response to better suit your needs.
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