• michaelbhardie
    I’m no genius but I’m guessing that it would be one hell of a coincidence for everyone’s “cables” or “controllers” to go bad all at once.

    1.) everyone is experiencing the exact same issues. ME included*** ( keymander all of the sudden no longer works when it has been working perfectly for months JUST after Xbox releases the latest Xbox one / s firmware update. 10.0.17134.3036)

    2) symptoms include ...keymander not working at all .... controller disconnecting ... if it’s connected for any length of time, all controls are wack .... audio also disconnecting .... etc etc ....

    - there’s no way everyone of our controllers, cables, connectors all went bad at the same time. Common sense tells us that this is an issue with the keymander not being compatible with Xbox’s new firmware update.

    I along with many people haven’t been able to play with our friends and family all Holiday weekend because of this.

    PLEASE try and fix this issue and release a statement and a fix as to quit insulting everyone’s intelligence by implying to all of us that our cables, connectors and controllers are faulty.
  • SourWax702
    i have this same problem and when im at the xbox menu and i try to invite a friend it skips really fast
  • Ivan Raimondo
    Yeah I've tried everything and in some cases ingot it to work after a lot of plugging in and off. But it's mostly unusable.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    When we ask to try out different cables and controllers its to get more information to make sure that the problem is with the firmware. Since no one has an identical setup we need basic information.

    We also try to recreate the issue on our side as well. Currently our engineers are trying to recreate the problem to identify the problem. Since not everyone on Xbox's new update is having this problem we need to ask basic questions to get as much information as possible.

    What firmware version are you on and what kind of equipment are you using?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    All of our Xbox One S and Xbox One X units are updated to .3036 and none are having this issue. Naturally we go through a troubleshooting exercise to see what is happening because not everyone's issues are related, especially since there are so many variations of the Xbox One hardware out there and what effects one may not effect others which why none of our test Xbox unit or our personal units are experiencing what you are. What would be helpful is to know what version of Xbox One you have, what controller model you have, what firmware is running in both, and what version of software and firmware you are running on your KeyMander. If the normal trouble shooting steps do not solve the issue, that information will help us find commonality to the problem and lead us to a solution to whatever is happening to your system.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Are you using the most recent software and firmware here?
    If so, please let us know which Xbox One console you are on, which controller you are using, and the firmware number of both.

    i have this same problem and when im at the xbox menu and i try to invite a friend it skips really fastSourWax702
    Can you explain this a little more and are you having any other issues you can describe?
  • Prowler
    If I am reading your comment correctly does it feel like a double tap in Xbox menu like if you hit right it goes twice or if you hit B it double taps? If so this is a simple fix I normally place keymander into keyboard mode F9 unplug controller and plug back in and change to play mode.
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