• Cameron
    I have been playing fps games on pc for years and I play on a very dpi so a lot of my aiming is flicks halfway across my 3 foot mouse pad. Is it possible to remove acceleration all together?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Cameron,

    Because console games have aiming systems designed for use with thumbsticks, removing acceleration like you are familiar with in the PC gaming world is a bit more complex. Most games have a non-uniform aiming response, with some game designers adding acceleration or negative acceleration, scaling the aim sensitivity, etc. to become more playable with a controller. Because of this, we sometimes need to add acceleration, etc. in order to counteract whatever modifiers are built into the game's aiming system. We have several tools built in to specifically address this need, but it isn't as simple as moving a slider or setting script like in a PC.

    That said, KeyMander will make pretty much any FPS game much more playable and PC-like if you tune a game profile to the way you play, and understand the limitations the console imposes (i.e. max turn speed). To help make getting started easier, we post sample profiles that some of our users or staff create and serve as a reference point. Some might work well for you as is or with minor tweaking, while others may not and you'll need to spend some time experimenting to see what plays best for you. In any case, try some things out and let us know where you can use some help, or if you have a killer profile, please share it with the community!
  • chparmley
    I am new here so forgive me if this is the wrong spot for this question, however it seemed appropriate due to the original question!

    When using the Xbox One Elite controller, there are settings for controller response/sensitivity curves within the xbox accessory app. Has using one of the settings with a lower response curve been tested? Seems like it may alleviate the issue a bit when it comes to taming down in game acceleration. My Keymander is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I will test this and then come back with my findings.

    Seeing as the comment above mine is 3 months ago, I will post my results in the discussion area if they seem worthy and don't get a reply here :)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Chparmley,

    I have the Elite controller but have not tested the available curves and I am not sure if they will actually function with KeyMander since technically the output comes from KeyMander, not the controller (unless you have a stuck button or sagging thumbstick). The biggest problem with in-game acceleration comes from games with non-linear or unpredictable acceleration jumps like in Gears of War 4 when you set the Aim Acceleration to anything above +0, because you account for where the acceleration kicks in. Even Rainbow Six: Siege has built-in non-linear acceleration that can't be corrected with a curve. It's not too bad and is still super fun to play, but it's far from playing as well as any CoD title.

    A few recent games like TitanFall 2 let you adjust acceleration completely out in the advanced settings, so you can get consistent performance and build muscle memory. Battefield 1's update now lets you set stick acceleration to zero, so performance will be improved in our updated BF1 profiles (coming soon). I hope this improvement is a sign of things to come as developers get smart about look mechanics, because that is what will really narrow the gap between console play and PC play.
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