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    What game consoles work with the KeyMander?

    • The KeyMander gamepad emulator is designed to work with the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Make sure you have the latest firmware for the KeyMander (check here) and meet the following system requirements
    • PS4 requires a Sony Playstation brand wireless controller connected via a micro USB cable
    • PS3 requires a Sony Playstation brand wireless controller connected via a mini USB cable (Sony DualShock 3 SIXAXIS controller is recommended)
    • Xbox One requires a Microsoft brand Xbox One wireless controller connected via a micro USB cable
    • Xbox 360 requires a Microsoft brand Xbox 360 wired controller

    Can I use a laptop with KeyMander in place of a stand-alone keyboard?
    Yes, you can use a laptop as the keyboard. To use a laptop keyboard, do the following:

    • Open the KeyMander software on the laptop.
    • Connect the laptop to the KeyMander.
    • Press [F12] to switch to Play Mode.
    • The keyboard signals will be directed to the game console. To use the keyboard on the laptop, press [F12] again.

    Will a Sony Navigation controller work with the KeyMander?
    Yes, the KeyMander supports Sony’s Navigation controller as a normal game controller. Connect it to the KeyMander’s gamepad port. Please remember to change your controller ID in the PS3 system after all devices are connected.

    Will the KeyMander work with Wii or Wii U?
    No. The KeyMander supports only PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 at this time.

    Can I use a wireless keyboard and mouse combo with KeyMander?
    Yes, when using a wireless keyboard and mouse combo with KeyMander, the wireless USB dongle must be plugged to the Keyboard port of the KeyMander.
    NOTE: Wireless keyboard and mouse combos are generally supported, but we are unable to verify every model on the market.

    Does the KeyMander support Bluetooth keyboards and mice?
    No. The KeyMander is not compatible with Bluetooth keyboards or mice at this time.

    What other kinds of peripherals will work with the KeyMander?
    The KeyMander also supports most USB Joysticks and USB Gamepads.

    Does the KeyMander support wireless game controllers?
    Technically Yes and No. KeyMander requires a wired controller in order for the system to function correctly. PS4, Xbox One, and PS3 original wireless controllers have the ability to function as a wired controller with the connection of a USB cable, so KeyMander supports these wireless controllers when connected in wired mode. The Xbox 360 wireless controllers are always wireless and use the USB cable only for charging, so they are not supported by KeyMander. For KeyMander compatibility with Xbox 360 a wired controller is required. Please note that original Microsoft Xbox 360 wired controllers do not have a detachable cable, so if your controller cable is detachable it is likely not compatible.

    Does the KeyMander require a PC to work on my game console?
    No, the KeyMander is pre-loaded with firmware that allows it to be connected directly to your game console without needing a PC. However, to configure the advanced settings using the KeyMander software requires the KeyMander to be connected to a PC or laptop.

    Will the KeyMander work with the basic keyboard and mouse that came with my computer?
    Yes, the KeyMander is designed to work with most USB based Keyboards and Mice.

    Can I use a gaming keyboard with KeyMander?
    Yes, however KeyMander does not support more than a standard 104-key layout, so extra macro keys will not function.

    Note: Not all keyboards are compatible due to the power requirements of some models. A standard USB port (like on a PS3) has a power output limitation of 500mA which must be shared between the KeyMander, keyboard and mouse. Some gaming keyboards with built-in headphone sound cards, USB hubs, LED backlighting, etc. can draw as much as 480mA on their own which means there is not enough current left for the KeyMander and mouse. In this situation an extra USB to mini-USB cable is needed (not included) and should be connected to an additional USB port or power supply like those commonly used for charging smartphones and tablets.

    There may also be certain keyboards that are not compatible because they require a specific software driver to work. Since KeyMander is not a computer there is no way to install and run computer drivers for the keyboard, so they will not be compatible. Most keyboards do work fine with KeyMander, but it is better to avoid keyboards with built-in USB hubs, sound cards, etc.

    Does the KeyMander support Macro keys on Gaming Keyboards, Mice, or Joysticks?
    No. The KeyMander only supports standard US 104-key Keyboard layouts. However, the KeyMander software has the ability to map up to 8 controller commands to a single button on your keyboard, mouse, or joystick.

    Does the KeyMander software support Mac or Linux?
    No. The KeyMander software currently supports Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10.

    What types of games are supported by KeyMander?
    KeyMander is the ideal solution for First Person Shooter games, but since the KeyMander emulates the game controller of your console it will also work with any games in your library.

    Will my headset work when my controller is connected to KeyMander?
    Xbox One – Headsets are not supported on the controller connected to KeyMander, however if you have a second controller you can connect your headset to it. If it is a wireless controller you will need to connect a micro USB cable to it so that it does not automatically turn off when sitting without use.
    Xbox 360 – Wired headsets are supported through the original Xbox 360 controller.
    PS4 – Headsets are not supported on the controller connected to KeyMander, however a USB headset can be connected directly to the PS4.
    PS3 – Headsets are not supported on the controller connected to KeyMander, however there is a workaround to allow a headset to pass chat and game audio. Please see the support topic KeyMander Headset Connection for PS3.

    How do I fix mouse movement that seems to lag or is slow to respond?
    Poor mouse movement/slow response indicates the game sensitivity and KeyMander's mouse sensitivity are not properly set. For proper mouse performance you must first set the in-game X/Y axis sensitivity to maximum, and then set the KeyMander's mouse sensitivity using the KeyMander software. The software has a place to input your mouse's DPI setting and then options to adjust your X and Y axis and diagonal movement settings. Once set correctly the mouse movement will be as fast as you wish to play.

    What is "Deadzone"?
    The deadzone is a small area around the game controller’s thumbstick control that doesn't respond to stick movement. Deadzones are built into games so that old controllers with slightly worn out sticks will not cause movement when the control is sitting still. Depending upon the amount of deadzone built into the game, this may case a delay in mouse response or sporadic movements when playing games with KeyMander. Properly adjusting the deadzone removes any delay to the mouse and delivers significantly sharper and smoother movements, and much more accurate results when aiming-down-sight in FPS games. For this reason adjustment of the deadzone is strongly recommended. Please note that the deadzone settings should be adjusted for each game so creating a profile for each game and saving the settings using the KeyMander software is also recommended. Please see the support topics Deadzone Setting with KeyMander Software and Deadzone Setting without KeyMander Software.

    What is Turbo Mode?
    Turbo mode allows for rapid fire of any controller button function assigned to the keyboard or mouse, and has 3 speed settings. Turbo must be configured for the button using the KeyMander software, and the Turbo Mode must be enabled during the game for it to work. Press F10 on the keyboard while playing to enable Turbo Mode.

    Why isn't my Xbox One responding to my brand new KeyMander?
    All KeyMander models should be checked to make sure they are running the most recent firmware before initial use. KeyMander units with running firmware versions older than v1.1.104 must be updated before they will work with Xbox One.
  • Reilen Natan de souza
    I can not open application in my notebook, I do everything I ask only that the application does not open
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Does the application not open at all or is it stuck with the green circle?

    If it is stuck make sure Keymander is connected to PC via PC port on the keymander and you have the POWER port or GAME port connected as well
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Did you make sure to first extract the files using WinZip or 7zip? The files are compressed for download and must first be uncompressed to use them.
  • Reilen Natan de souza
    I already did everything I already looked at video I already did things that asked me the light of the device this access so that it does not open the application if I want I can send a photo of everything I had it rightmzshc6esce3jnssc.jpeg
  • Moderator [Derek]

    OK, the computer is not seeing the KeyMander connected.
    1. Connect one of the mini-USB cables from the box between one of the PC's USB ports and the KeyMander's Power port. The Power LED will turn on.
    2. Connect the other mini-USB cable between another PC USB port and the KeyMander's PC port. The first time the KeyMander is connected to the PC you will see the device manager open a dialog box in the lower right screen, depending on your operating system. You will see an icon with a light moving around it to indicate it is installing the hardware. After the PC finishes the hardware installation, you will see an indication like this:
    If you don't get any indication that the device is being connected to the PC, swap two mini-USB cables and see it what happens. If the power light goes out, after swapping and does not come back on, there is either a problem with the cable or with that USB port on the PC.
  • bobbytar
    hey I was using my keymander while all of the sudden it just turned off I have windows 10 xbox one s and my keymander is plugged in to the pc? I'm really sad because its 2 days old and already causing problems it wont turn on at all now what do I do?
  • Reilen Natan de souza
    how do i put rainbow siege attachment in the application
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Open the software.
    Right click on the profile you want to replace then select import. From the browser window select the R6S profile and click open.
  • Six
    Does keymander works with any games besides call of duty does it work with resident evil 5

    [comment moved]
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Yes, it will work with any game but some games like FIFA and Madden and probably best experienced with a controller. KeyMander is best experienced with first-person and third-person shooters like Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc. KeyMander does work with Resident Evil series but most of the games in the series have a very slow aim/look speed, and do not necessarily benefit as much from the precision a mouse and keyboard brings.
  • Harsh
    Hello! I'd like to know if Razer Nostromo (developed with Belkin) will work with KeyMander. Thanks.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Unfortunately we have not tested that keypad but we have tested the Razer Tartarus and that works properly with Keymander so I do not see the Nostromo having a problem.
  • Harsh
    Alright. Thanks Marco.
  • Leviboy3000
    If you wanna connect your headset directly to your ps4, 'directly connect the usb to your ps4'
    But you will need 2 usb ports for the keymander?
    Am I right?
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Only one cable needs to go from Keymander to the PS4, the second cable is only for extra POWER (if needed, rarely happens) or for the PC port to connect a computer.
  • DarkyMarky
    My keymander work perfectly except keyboard lights/LEDs. They just don't turn on when I press scroll lock. But on laptop and singel (without keymander)Xbox one will keyboard lights turn on. I have blugged in game and POWER.

    Plz tell what I can more to do for working lights/LEDs on keyboard :-)
  • Moderator [Marco]

    What kind of keyboard are you using? It may need to see an actual operating system for the lights to function.

    Also where do you have the power cord connected?
  • DarkyMarky
    Keyboard is Ares m1.
    Power cord connected to plug.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Your keyboard may need to see an actual system for the lights to work. Are you able to connect the laptop and the console to the keymander at the same time? If so you can connect the keyboard to the PC then use simulation or play mode through our software to send the keyboard to the keymander.

    This should get your lights to come up.
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