• flxcpctr
    After what was several months of fun, if frustrating use, this device no longer functions. The controller will no longer connect to the Xbox. No amount of firmware resets, cable exchanges, controller exchanges have corrected the issue. Thanks Keymander, its been fun.
  • Prowler
    I would try new cables before turning away from using the product, are you using the cable that came with your wireless controller by chance? If so I believe that could be causing your issues...
  • Mottflyer
    The KeyMander is under warranty for 3 years after purchase. Contact support and get a replacement KeyMander.
  • flxcpctr
    I have been using an official Microsoft play n charge cable. But I troubleshot using the included wire dongle. And that didn’t connect the controller either. I loved using the keymander and grew quite adept making profiles and troubleshooting problems as they arise, but there’s always “something” that needs fixing.
  • flxcpctr
    I’ll attempt it.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    As Mottflyer has said, there's a 3 year warranty so it's covered, period. That said, before you send it in there are three things you should try.
    1. Micro USB cables last slightly longer than eggs due to all the connection and disconnection that goes on with the connectors. Try a new charge & sync cable like for Android devices and see if that solves the problem.
    2. Try using a different Xbox One controller. One of my controllers had been dropped so many times with the cable plugged in that the connector eventually shifted inside on the PCB and I had to take it apart and fix it to get it working reliably.
    3. Try the new software and firmware released yesterday just to make sure you don't have some kind of corrupted firmware issue.

    If none of that solves the problem, call us and ask for Marco who will take care of the exchange for you. We can afford to offer a 3 year warranty for a reason- these units just don't physically break. The only units I have personally seen that could not be revived through firmware were physically damaged either with broken connectors or water damage, so I'm pretty confident you can get yours working but if you can't, we still have you covered.
  • flxcpctr
    I’ve tried many micro usb cables, finally settling on a Microsoft charge and sync. Which was working flawlessly, until 2 days ago. I have used the included cable to troubleshoot with the same result. The controller will vibrate, but not come on, when plugged in.
    I have used my elite controller and a newer controller, same result. I have a third controller and I’ll try that this evening.
    I have turned off and unplugged the Xbox. This solved the issue for 30 seconds. But the controller ceased to respond to the commands, shortly thereafter. Also, the Xbox responds poorly to doing this, so it’s not something I want to repeat again.
    I’ve wound back the firmware on the keymander. I was not aware of a brand new firmware release yesterday. Does it address this issue at all?
    When is tech support available?
  • flxcpctr
    I responded to your message, just didn’t copy you on it.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    This solved the issue for 30 seconds. But the controller ceased to respond to the commands, shortly thereafterflxcpctr
    I have personally experienced this same frustration where it would work for a minute and stop, or work until the controller was bumped, or work but have no audio. Turned out that I had a cable making intermittent contact with one controller because it was loose inside the controller connector. The second controller had the problem I mentioned above, and the third controller turned out to have a bad audio jack because my kids kept ripping the headphones out when they dropped the controller with the headset plugged in. In my case it took awhile to troubleshoot and find each separate issue, but that's what was wrong with mine. Yours may be something else, but you can call us between 7:30am and 6pm PST @ 866-9-IOGEAR. Tell @Moderator [Marco] your forum name and that we discussed the issue in this thread so he can read all this instead of asking you the same questions again.
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